“A Change is Gonna Come” – Watch Jennifer Hudson Delivering a Knockout to Cap DNC Night 3

Jennifer Kate Hudson or as fans know her, “J.Hud”, has a rich history just the same as the democratic party. They both have been dealing with their separate histories for the Sam Cooke’s amazing song, “A Change Is Gonna Come”. At the Democratic National Convention, all three comes together for the third evening on Wednesday night.  J.Hud the popular and beautiful American singer offers a cheerful and nailing performance under the tiffany dome. This overwhelming performance did take place at the Harold Washington Cultural Center which is located in Jennifer’s hometown, Chicago.

As you all know, Jennifer Kate Hudson is a popular American singer, amazing actress, and philanthropist. Her parents were considering themselves as lucky when J.Hud was born on the 12th day of September 1981. J.Hud is one of the greatest singers of all time that has a huge number of fans and followers all over the world. But you will be more than happy to know that Jennifer was born in Chicago, Illinois in the United States. Most people recognize J.Hud from her very well-known albums, “JHUD”, “I Remember Me”, “After Hours”, “More”, etc.

Well, fans and critiques are going to see Jennifer Kate Hudson play the character, Franklin, in the film. You must also know that there were some big Aretha tie-ins during the performance at the Harold Washington Cultural Center. All the people who were present while she was performing did love all the moments of that day. Not only did the audience love the Aretha version J.Hud was singing in but also the pianists accompanying J.Hud can not be more enjoyable. It is indeed true that Fred Nelson, Franklin’s Conductor, and Richard Gibbs were the piano players of the popular singer. Reginald Foster was the one who did round out the trion to back J.Hud up on the soprano sax for the extraordinary performance.

J.Hud’s Knockout Version

People and fans have been recognizing the enraging talent of J.Hud when she becomes the first woman of color. Yes, the major party did nominate J.Hud for vice president following the speech of Kamal Harris on historic acceptance.

Previously, fans and followers of Jennifer Hudson were showing their appreciation for J.Hud to deliver a knockout version of it. She did perform the knockout version at 2019 AFI Awards. Jennifer claims to sing it for the respective Denzel Washington. Also, this song did play an important role in the Malcolm X movie of Denzel Washington. Most fans are wondering and have the desire that this knockout will be on the top of every platform.

Of course, fans must note the fact that Jennifer Kate Hudson did perform for the first time ever for Barack Obama at the Cultural Center of Chicago.

“The Star-Spangled Banner” was the song that J.Hud did perform when Obama did accept his nomination in the 2008 convention. In the meanwhile, Barack Obama did include the lyrics of “A Change is Gonna Come” in his speech of victory. Some months later, Bettye LaVette and Jon Bon Jovi did sing the Cooke song duet.

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