A Boss And A Babe Season 2 Release Date: Is It Renewed For Another Season?

It’s no surprise that A Boss and a Babe, a new Thai drama series, has passed you by if you’re a fan of the genre. The boy-love serial A Boss and a Babe has exploded in popularity across the country.

It is now common knowledge that Thai drama series is gaining popularity all over the world. A Boss and a Babe, based on a novel series of the same name, is gaining a massive international fan base. This is the author’s second book to be released, and it has become an instant bestseller in the country. After seeing the first season, viewers are eager to find out what lies ahead for the show in subsequent installments. The second season of Boss and Babe is discussed in detail on this page.

A Boss And A Babe Season 2 Renewal Status

A Boss and a Babe have not yet been picked up for a second season as of this writing. Even though GMMTV has approved follow-ups to other hit shows including Dark Blue Kiss, 2gether, and Gifted, the likelihood of this one getting a continuation is limited. One-season shows have been the norm over the past few years.

Season 1 was also conclusively concluded without any unresolved loose ends, making a second season quite unlikely.

A Boss And A Babe Season 2 Release Date

The Thai BL drama series A Boss and A Babe is gaining attention from BL fans. It’s based on a book with several sections, each of which focuses on a different noteworthy duo. GMMTV has revamped the Gun & Cher episode. There has been no confirmed announcement of when Season 2 will be available to the public.

A Boss And A Babe Storyline

Phenomenal Gaming is a video game development studio where Cher works as an intern for Gun, the studio’s head honcho. Cher, better known to his friends as “Laem,” engages in various e-sports competitions with his chums in the hopes of making it a professional player. In addition to running a gaming channel, he also oversees an ASMR channel. He is well-known for his gaming channel, yet his ASMR channel is anonymous.

He is a free-spirited college student who dives into life with both feet. He likes to have a good time. Gun, on the other hand, is a really harsh boss who has an authoritarian approach to the workplace.

When he walks into a room, everyone in it instantly goes on high alert. Their careers eventually diverged, and his friend left the company on a bittersweet note. He and his partner had built the company from the ground up.

A Boss And A Babe Cast

  • Force Jiratchapong Srisang as “Gun” Gungawin
  • Book Kasidet Plookphol as Cher / Laem
  • Mike Chinnarat Siriphongchawalit as Jack
  • Fluke Pusit Dittapisit as Thi
  • Ohm Thipakorn Thitathan as Zo
  • Leo Saussay as Tubtab
  • Java Bhobdhama Hansa as Thup
  • Lookjun Bhasidi Petchsutee as Thian
  • Drake Sattabut Laedeke as Time
  • Thor Thinnaphan Tantui as Porsche
  • Namyard Yardpirun Poolun as Oi

A Boss And A Babe Season 2 Plot

Thi and Zo, one of the program’s side couples, have their own book, The Gamer and His Awkward Boy, written by Brave2y, and fans would love to see their narrative told if the show is renewed. Many viewers would appreciate seeing Jack’s character developed further and given some background information. Fans always want to see more of the amazing performers, even though the show only touches on Jack’s connection with Ten and his mental health past.

A Boss And A Babe Season 2 Trailer

The series’ official trailer is a topic of interest for fans. But please keep in mind that we haven’t officially renewed the show for a second season just yet. We are unable to offer any commentary on the official trailer because we have not received any exclusive information from the show’s producers on the upcoming second season.

A Boss And A Babe Season 2 Rating

IMDb and MyDramaList both rank the show quite highly; IMDb gives it an 8.3 out of 10 and MyDramaList gives it an 8.4 out of 10. Its popularity among fans, in both Thailand and outside, continues to rise.

Where to watch A Boss And A Babe Season 2?

In that case, would you like to see a boss and a Babe? Don’t worry if you missed the first season; you can watch it in its entirety on both Kissasian and MyasianTv. These online platforms provide access to the event at no cost.

A Boss And A Babe Season 1 Review

The show is a comedic romance drama, although it does touch on serious issues in its characters’ pasts. It’s a fun show with an understandable and charming storyline. All the actors are veterans of GMMTV, however, they generally play minor roles in episodes that suffer from weak scripting. Their conversations can sound over the top at times.

Force and Book, the show’s two leads, have gone a long way as actors since their Enchante days. The script leaves much to be wanted, which prevents the actors from giving their all. The show’s acting and plot twists are what make it so enjoyable to watch.

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