COVID-19 Vaccines for Tourists Starting June 1 in Alaska

COVID-19 vaccines will be available at key Alaska airports beginning June 1 through the end of combat the problems of the tourism industry in the region, hard hit by the pandemic.

Alaska was the first state to remove restrictions on who could get a COVID-19 vaccine when it opened eligibility last month to anyone 16 and older who lives or works in the state.

High availability of vaccines

State officials have noted that the high vaccination rate in the United States compared to other countries could make Alaska a an attractive tourist option at an international level.

Since there is a large supply of vaccines in Alaska, the airport will offer the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines for tourists. The state plans to offer vaccines at Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau and Ketchikan airports, in clinics outside of the security area.

Coronavirus RNA can persist for up to a month in room dust

The state will use a mobile clinic contractor for the trial run, and it would be for Alaskans traveling within or through the airport, for now. Vaccines would be opened more widely, to anyone passing through, starting June 1.

State health officials have also encouraged travelers to get tested for COVID-19, although the state no longer requires it.

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