Post Malone Net Worth 2020 happens to be $20 Million

Post Malone is an American rapper who happens to be a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and record producer. He did begin to gain popularity and recognition after his debut single “White Iverson” which did premiere in 2015. He is well-known for his genre-bending music that includes genres like Hip hop, Country, and Rock. Currently, the Net Worth of Post Malone happens to be $20 Million.

It is impressive for everyone that Post Malone was able to manage a successful career out of nowhere. He surely has a large number of fans and followers who are so supportive as well as caring. You can have a look at the love and support of his followers on his social media posts.

Post Malone is one of the popular singers that has listeners residing in different parts of the world. He surely is going to inspire people with his 4 years of successful music career so far. But Post Malone is also trying to secure his name in the list of the richest singers in the world.

Each and every person who is following the path of Post Malone will be successful. But one must not forget the efforts and hard work that Post Malone did put into making a successful career. It seems like the efforts and hard work that he did put into his career are currently paying off with such a good amount of net worth. He is happily living his own life the way he wants to while progressing forward to achieve his career goals.

Early Life

Post Malone was born as Austin Richard Post on the 4th day of July 1995 in Syracuse, New York. But when Post Malone was 9 years old their family has to shift to Grapevine, Texas. Most of his childhood years were surely going on traveling around some places in Texas.

Father of Post Malone or Austin Richard Post was successful enough to secure his place in the career. His father was the manager of concessions for the Dallas Cowboys. Mostly his father and stepmother were the ones to raise Post Malone with all the love and care.

It was amazing for Post Malone to know about his interest in music at an early age. His first interest comes due to playing Guitar Hero as a kid. Then as he grows up, Post Malone realizes that he can choose music as a successful career. Post Malone’s father was the one to introduce him with multiple genres of music as his father was a DJ in his youth.

In Texas, Post Malone did learn how to play guitar and then he found a better place in a heavy metal band. He also did learn the producing side of things in FL studio while he was in the metal band. Austin Richard Post did choose his stage name “Post Malone” when he was around 15 or 16 years old. He uses his actual last name and “Malone” that he gets from an online rap name generator. Since then, people have been recognizing him as Post Malone.

When Post Malone was sixteen years old, he creates his first Mix Tape “Young and After Them Riches”. He did pass on his first mixtape to his school friends and classmates. His classmates were surely voting for him as “Most Likely To Become Famous”.


Post Malone becomes popular after he did release his first debut single “White Iverson” in 2015. It was remarkable that he did record his first debut in 2 days after he completes writing it in February 2015. His first song was progressing so quickly that it did receive 1 million views online. There were so many artists who were praising the efforts and skills of the young artist.

After the release of his first successful debut song, Post Malone did earn a lot of attention from the artists and record labels. Finally, Post Malone was able to capture the attention of Republic Records and did sign up with it later that year. Although his career begins only a few years ago, he gains a consistent amount of popularity and fame since then. He is quickly becoming one of the sensational singers which are quite a huge achievement for Post Malone.

It is remarkable that some of Post Malone’s songs did manage to reach more than hundreds of millions of views online. That list includes the likes of “Rockstar” in which 21 Savage was featuring into. Post Malone was up for many collaborations with other finest singers and rappers.

Some of his great collaborations include 50 Ceny, Gucci Mane, and Kanye West. His fans and followers keep on increasing with his list of creating new and exciting songs. Post Malone wants to be up and running until he becomes the best version of himself.

As of 2020, Post Malone is living a happy and healthy life with his family while earning a great Net Worth amount of $20 Million. There is no doubt that the figure for net worth income will keep rising in the next few years.

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