6 Perfect Gifts for Your Creator Friend

The term creator has so many meanings today. If creators used to be poets and painters, today, the term has a much broader meaning. Having a creator friend might mean they are singers, musicians, graphic designers, social media influencers, and so much more.

Some people are more into traditional crafts and not so much into technology. Creators also knit, create various types of art, or create street installations. Everything can be a field for creators today, and that’s nothing else but beautiful.

In this article, we share six perfect gifts for your creator friend, no matter what they do. We will include many different creator markets and try to help you find the ultimate best choice for that special occasion. Follow up and see if you find something to get your friends.

1. Lighting for their smartphone

Many people are influencers or trying to become. They spend a lot of time researching and recording themselves to attract more followers and become influential on social networks. There’s no way to become influential using a poor camera and lighting.

They may have the sharpest mind coming up with outstanding ideas, but without proper recording equipment, they’ll never grow. Get them new lighting set for their smartphone and help them reach their goal.

2. Musical instrument equipment

If they are creating music, singing, or composing, they always need new musical instruments and equipment. Guitar players always need new picks and other equipment, like strings, string oils, hangers, and other stuff.

Get them something they’ll be interested in. There are many musical instrument shops around you. If you don’t like going to physical stores, search for equipment online and order it this way. The best thing to do is to inspect what they may be missing and what they need the most. Your present will thrill them.

3. Art and crafts equipment

Many people love creating ordinary things for themselves, and they enjoy the process of creating. Whether it be coffee mugs, notebooks, or something else, these people get the materials needed for something and create these things from scratch.

If your friend is into this, you may want to look for printing equipment or binding machines that will help them in the creation process. These things can be done manually, which they are probably using as a method right now, but you can add some technology and help them do better.

4. Books

Every creator needs to keep their mind in perfect condition. To do this, they need to constantly upgrade themselves and read books. Get them a book on anything they might be interested in. If they are writers or poets, any book will be helpful for them.

To become an excellent writer, you first need to read. Reading incentivizes people to think and develops brain functions resulting in creativity. As writers, the perfect present for them is a book. They’ll surely be thrilled by your idea, so don’t hesitate to visit the bookstore.

5. New paint for their paintings

What’s a painter without paint? Learn their favorite style, and go to the shop to get the new paint. Every artist of this kind constantly needs new materials because that’s the essence of their creation.

Sometimes they’ll be so focused on their work that they aren’t noticing there’s no more paint. When they realize what happened, it may be too late because the creative moment has passed. They need to keep the momentum, and to manage this, they must always have paint reserves.

6. Software for editing videos

Everyone who needs computers for creating their products uses some software. There are many free-to-use options available for download, but most of them are paid. If they are working on something that requires paid software, you might want to consider getting it for them.

If it’s too expensive to pay for it yourself, you can join forces with other friends or family and contribute to get it for them. Every social media influencer needs editing software, for example. The best ones are not affordable for everyone, so consider something like this.


If you have a creator friend, this is the best time to get them a present to help them with their work or passion. Go through the internet and follow our tips from above, and get the ultimate best gift for them. The options today are unlimited no matter what they are working with.

Nothing is more exciting than getting a surprise gift that amazes you. If you’re in the creator economy, everything helping you with your passion will be enough to make you happy. Helping others become as better as they can mean contributing to what may become a world-famous piece of art that will change the planet.

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