5 Things You Should Know Before Watching ‘The Crown’ Season 3 On Netflix

5 Things You Should Know Before Watching ‘The Crown’ Season 3 On Netflix:

The NetFlix’s Historical Drama Television Series “The Crown” Is going to release Season 3 after a long wait since Season 2 was released on December 8, 2017.

The Crown Season 3
The Crown Season 3

Yeah!! Season 3 is releasing this year on November 17, 2019. Before you watch it There Are 5 Things You Should Know Before Watching Season 3.

“The Crown” is the most popular and awaited series for Netflix viewers, It is based on the Chronicle Life of Queen Elizabeth ll. The Season 1 And 2 were both a Succesful Hit by the showrunner Peter Morgan.

The first 2 Seasons consist Mainly of Queen Elizabeth’s Early reign, Coronation, Marriage to Prince Philip And much more. Season 1 focused on her wedding day in 1947 to 1955 and You can’t forget about the resignation of Prime minister Churchill.

Season 2 compiles the years 1956 to 1964, in which the Suez Crises to the birth of Prince Edward is shown Marvelously. Well, you can only imagine how Peter Morgan has Arranged Beautifully the story flow of these 20 Years in Both Seasons.

Before Watching “The Crown” Season 3 You must know that There has been a lot of changes in Season 3 From Cast to the Storyline.

Is the Cast Changed in Season 3?

Yeah!! Some Of the main Lead Characters are Replaced. The Incredibly Talented, Emmy Winner Claire Floy playing the role of “Queen Elizabeth ll”, Matt Smith as Elizabeth’s Husband “Prince Philip”, and Vannesa Kirby as “Princess Margaret”. These talented and loving characters have been recast.

Some Very Talented British Actors are going to play these Roles;

Oscar Winner and also called “National Treasure”, Olivia Colman as “Queen Elizabeth”

Game of Thrones ‘s Edmure Tully, Tobias Menzies as “Prince Phillip”

Talented Star, Helena Bonham Carter will be seen as “Princess Margaret”.

It is kind of Surprising but It makes sense to recast than using the dodgy move of using Aging Prosthetics.

Expected in The Crown Season 3:

Literally, Season 3 will begin where season 2 has left the storyline. It will pick up the story from 1964 and will conclude its end in 1976, almost 12 years to cover in a Single Season.

It will be the Longest time span to be seen of all the Seasons of “The Crown”. You will not feel dizzy as it is planned accurately by The Showrunners and the talented actors will energize you with their mindblowing performances.

A Short Tip for You, You will need to concentrate while watching it otherwise you will miss some important things, You can not Multitask while watching “The Crown”.

I bet you didn’t know This?

Both Seasons 1 & 2 provide us with information of Four Different Prime Minister Namely:

  • Harold Macmillan
  • Anthony Eden
  • Winston Churchill
  • Alec Douglas-Home

Hopefully, Season 3 will not be revolving around changing of Prime Ministers and will show Historical events indeed.

The African Liberation:

The pace is Moderate but consistent in Liberation of Africa. Queen Elizabeth had a sort of interest in commonwealth games. Most of the African Liberated Area and the scheme of Commonwealth will have a Strongpoint in Season 3.

The Landing On Moon:

As this Historical Drama Series not only shows British History but also world history. Apollo 11 Landing on the Moon can also be seen in Season 3. It can be seen that Prince Philip is much Interested in the Bravery and Valient life of people in the World.

Overall Season 3 Will Engage the viewers and Fans will surely love it. Did You Watch the First 2 Seasons of “The Crown”?

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