1923 Season 2: Release Date, Cast, And Everything You Need To Know

The Yellowstone spinoff Early in 2023, the first season of 1923 came to an end, and a second season has been planned. Details about the movie’s release date, plot, and other things have been shown or guessed. 1923 is a prequel to Taylor Sheridan’s Dutton family series, which began with Yellowstone, a modern-day ranch story. It takes place in the year named in the title. It’s also a follow-up to the last Yellowstone spinoff, which was called 1883. Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren play the heads of the Dutton family, Jacob, and Cara Dutton, just before the Great Depression.

1923 got a 91% score on Rotten Tomatoes and was praised by critics, just like all the other shows about the big Dutton family. According to Deadline, the first episode of the show had 7.4 million viewers, which was a record for a Paramount Plus premiere. The first season of 1923 ends with tragic events, loss, and the potential that the Duttons will end up losing their ranch in the next year. This is a darker turn for the series than what had come before. The plot should start moving in Season 2 of the Yellowstone spinoff.

1923 Season 2 cast

It’s not hard to guess who will be in season 2 of 1923. Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren will be back, among other big names. There will also be a few new cast members, and some unlucky characters probably won’t make it past the end of season 1. (like Sister Mary).

Harrison Ford is eager to get back to work. He told The Hollywood Reporter, “I really didn’t know how much work 1923 would be, and I think it’s worth it.” “I can’t wait for the next season.”

Season 2 of 1923 will feature:

  • Harrison Ford as Jacob Dutton
  • Helen Mirren as Cara Dutton
  • Brandon Sklenar as Spencer Dutton
  • Julia Schlaepfer as Alexandra
  • Jerome Flynn, as Banner Creighton
  • Darren Mann as Jack Dutton
  • Brian Geraghty as Zane Davis
  • Aminah Nieves as Teonna Rainwater
  • Michelle Randolph as Liz Strafford
  • Timothy Dalton as Donald Whitfield

1923 Season 2 Storyline

There have been no hints about what will happen in season 2 of 1923, but it’s safe to assume that the plot will continue from season 1. At the conclusion of season 1, Whitfield paid back taxes on the Dutton ranch that were past due. If the Duttons don’t pay him back in a couple of months, he will take the land. The main plot of season 2 should be about how far Jacob and Cara will go to keep control of their ranch. Whitfield will definitely do everything he can to stop the Duttons from paying, and their growing fight could be what drives the second season.

There are a few other loose ends that should be picked up in the second season of 1923. Spencer and Alex seemed to be different now. Spencer is sent back to Montana, and Alex says she’ll come to the U.S. to look for him. In season 2, their stories could have Spencer in Montana and Alex in England going on their own adventures until they finally meet up again. Liz’s miscarriage will probably be a part of the storyline for season 2. Jack and Liz will have to deal with this personal tragedy while also helping to protect the Dutton ranch. This could put a lot of pressure on the two of them.

The storyline about Teonna running away from the Catholic boarding school and the priest trying to catch her will be a big part of season 2 of 1923. In the first season, the American Indians, Teonna, and the Dutton family have only met each other a few times. Both groups need allies because powerful forces are threatening their people and ways of life. In season 2, the Duttons and Teonna’s people might join forces to fight Whitfield and Father Renaud (Sebastian Roché).

1923 season 2 Release Date

We don’t know much about when season 2 will start yet, but the fact that it was confirmed before season 1 even ended is a good sign. We do know, though, that the new series could come out very quickly. In July 2022, the first season’s pre-production began, and the first episode aired on Paramount Plus in December 2022.

By putting in your information, you agree to our terms and conditions and our policy on privacy. You can unsubscribe at any time. So, if all the schedules line up and we can expect the same rate of production, we might hear about pre-production and a release date in the same year. Let’s hope that the first news about season 2 pre-production will come out sometime in 2023. So, taking everything into account, the most likely date for season 2 of Yellowstone is 2024.

How to watch 1923 Season 2

The second season of 1923 will be streamed on Paramount Plus, just like the first season. It’s going to consist of eight episodes and certainly come out on the streaming platform in the same way: once a week with a break in the middle of the season.

1923 season 2 Trailer

The caravan for Season 2 of 1923 has not been released yet. We’ll let you know as soon as the creators officially release the trailer. In the meantime, you can watch the Season 1 trailer.

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