Ji Chang-wook’s followers have been eagerly awaiting the debut of a new show in which he portrays the action hero we all adore since the explosive popularity of action comedies like K2 and The Healer.

The program, a criminal thriller with a 1990s setting, depicts the inner workings of a gangster group infamous for its drug trafficking.

Fans are highly interested in watching the action-packed bromance between Ji Chang-wook and Wi Ha-joon in the upcoming drama, which also features the actor of Squid Game or Little Women fame.

On September 27, 2023, “Worst of Evil,” a Disney+ original, made its debut. It quickly cemented its place on the list of hugely popular shows.

There are twelve episodes in all, but only seven have been made available so far, with each episode lasting between 45 to 60 minutes.

The release dates for “Worst of Evil” episodes 10 to 12 have already been speculated on various fan pages, piqueing the interest of the eager audience!

Disney+ will offer the crime series for streaming. Ji Chang-Wook, Im Se-Mi, and Wi Ha-Joon are three of the drama’s key cast members, all well-known names in the Korean entertainment scene.

The 1990s serve as the backdrop for The Worst of Evil, which depicts the experiences of undercover law enforcement personnel.

It goes in-depth on the agents’ experiences as they infiltrate the vast criminal organization that is responsible for the illegal drug trade routes that connect South Korea, China, and Japan.

Watching Ji Chang Wook again into this action thriller is a treat for the eyes considering how many people around the world have already fallen in love with the drama.

The drama’s plot begins with Park Jun Mu, who is given a challenging case. He must deal with the thugs who are involved in the drug trade because this is no ordinary case.

Gangnam Crystal, a potent narcotic, has been dominating the market. This entire substance is under the control of a single governing entity.

Despite the police’s best efforts, they are unable to totally stop the criminal activity because of the scant information at hand.

The police assigned police officer Park Jun Mu on this case so he could gather additional information and stop it from spreading further.

Park Jun Mu’s current affiliation with the drug trafficking group offers the authorities the advantage of knowing the gang’s whereabouts and enabling them to put an end to their activities.

The Worst of Evil Episode 10, 11 & 12 Release Date

On October 18, 2023, The Worst of Evil Episode 8 shall be made available. Every week, on Wednesdays at 4:00 PM KST, the drama airs a single episode on its primary network. Its episodes are each expected to last 60 minutes.

The Worst of Evil Episode 10, 11 & 12 Cast

  • Seunghyun Ji as Do Hyung Seok
  • Ji Chang-wook as Park Joon-mo
  • Wi Ha-joon as Jung Ki-cheol
  • Im She-mi as Yoo Eui-jung
  • Im Sung-jae as Choi Jeong-bae
  • Geum Gwang-san as Baby

The Worst of Evil Episode 10, 11 & 12 Trailer

The Worst of Evil Episode 10, 11 & 12 Plot

Gi-cheul and Eui-jeong’s developing romance was hinted at in the series’ final episodes as they grew further closer.

Gi-cheul and Hae-ryun had a phone conversation to start the sixth episode discussing their upcoming rendezvous.

As the scene shifts, we see Gi-cheul couple Eui-jeong reflecting on their previous union.

Gi-cheul reminds his sweetheart of the promise he made to her since they were kids: that he would marry her and become prosperous!

Later, Gi-cheul sees Hae-ryun and talks about his desire to increase their imports rather than those from Japan.

Our hero is further perplexed when Hae-ryun departs without providing any confirmation regarding the same.

Oyama phones Gi-cheul and requests a meeting while the police look for the gang and try to find them.

Gi-cheul and Jun-mo run into the police as they travel to see Oyama. The officers try to get information from them about the Yankees, while Gi-cheul purposely ignores them.

When they got to the hotel, Jun-mo had trouble getting through security since he was concealing a recording equipment in his pocket.

However, once the detectives sound the fire alarm, everything starts to happen, giving Jun-mo the opportunity to flee.

Gi-chul’s plans, however, do not go as expected because the Japanese now wish to conduct business only with the Chinese, displacing the Koreans.

In the final episode in the series, Hae-ryun and Jun-mo are at a restaurant, and the former is trying to persuade the latter to keep working with Gi-chul.

However, he appears to be guessing her genuine identity, which is why he asks Jin-pyung, a person he can rely on, to look into the situation. Gi-cheul goes on a date with Eui-jeong later.

Jin-pyung tries to flee while Jun-mo rushes outside to meet him shortly after. But Jun-mo is able to grab hold of him, and then they start fighting repeatedly.

When Jin-pyung passes away, Jun-mo experiences an unforeseen series of events that makes the latter fearful.

To advance the plot, The Worst of Evil Episode 8 will shortly become available. Even though the drama series has already had seven episodes released, let’s first look back at some of the earlier episodes of the program.

The police question Park Joon Mo at the beginning of the episode, and as they do so, we witness Jun Mu grinning at them. This infuriates the police, who then tell Park Joon Mo to take the Korean police seriously.

After that, the police continue questioning the suspect, and when Jun Mu doesn’t cooperate, he is even severely beaten.

Additionally, Yoo Eui Jung and Jung Ki Chul are seen talking to each other in the car while driving. Ki Chul tells Eui Jung that talking to her constantly makes him feel happy.

Later, we learn that Jung Ki Chul has his own reservations and needs Eui Jung’s companionship for another hour while he requests his informant to confirm certain information.

When Jun Mu arrives, the informant is just about to notify him and deliver the necessary paperwork while Jung Ki Chul is interested in learning more about Seung-ho’s early years.

Jun Mu stops Cheon Jin Pyung when he tries to flee with the paperwork, while Yoo Eui is kept waiting within the cafe with Ki Chul.

When the informant later perishes after falling to his death from the roof, Jun Mu removes the documents from his hands and hangs up the phone on Ki Chul’s incoming call. The episode is over now.

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