11 movies to watch with the wildest vacation chip

While we settle for Holy Week, Palm Sunday, and our processions (when there were no pandemics), Americans demonstrate go ahead of the rest with his most Kaffir vacation: spring break, known as spring break. Even if there is a pandemic.

The happy life

There are many and varied approaches to the quintessential spring festival. Chauvinist, feminist wild comedies, controversial or horror, better or worse, the party has always been a good claim for stories aimed at the general public. We are going to review some of the most interesting spring bets that we remember with pleasure.

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We have gone from the endearing simplicity of the 60s, to the representation of American values, to something more akin to self-criticism over the years. Spring break movies have “gone wild” over the years in the same way that we have ourselves. Some in a much more conscious way Than others, we are now going with a handful of movies and more appealing experiences than watching some dolls walk at 40 degrees.

Piraña 3D

The premise was clear. Here we had come to play, swim, jump and be eaten alive in a festival of atrocities that not only responded to those little prehistoric cannibals. Alexandre Aja was in ‘Piranha 3D’ as a fish in water in the middle of a hurricane in meat, bone, laughter and excess. The film cost 24 million dollars and ended up reaping something more than 80. Round play.

Spring Breakers

Harmony Korine touched the hearts of thousands of viewers. ‘Spring Breakers’, although it may seem otherwise, it was a success. With a budget of just 5 million dollars, it achieved a collection of more than 30 worldwide. Of course, its attractive cast consisting of Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Rachel Korine, Ashley Benson and James Franco.

Infiltrators at the University (22 Jump Street)

A couple of years after kicking off one of the most groundbreaking comedies of the moment, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller were back at it with a sequel that lived up to their legend. 22 times more fun and with one of the most remembered credits. Hopefully they continue to think about expanding the family. We miss them.

The rookie revolution

Another sequel, in this case of a hit from another, was so far away that it already belongs to the titles more or less vetoed by the normalization of the violation that some titles of the style and the era boasted. Seen Today, the sequel to the original film changed director and scriptwriters, but kept the most important thing: the characters. If one knows how to see things in context, a double program as accurate as a triple of ‘Porky’s’.

Someone like You

Someone like You

Just for serving as one of the bases of ‘Not another stupid American movie’, ‘Someone like you’ is worth it. Also, the movie featured the famous Kiss Me that made Sixpence None the Richer rich and it wasn’t just another stupid American movie either. A bitter and funny youth comedy in exact measurements.

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¡Maderos 091! (Reno 911!: Miami)

Nevada Reno 9111

A level of brutal comedic savagery at a party of unrivaled impropriety and awkwardness. A set piece 70 minutes as dynamic as ever but with more familiar faces than ever. Some moments border on absolute genius, as in the hotel. I don’t know how the hell it took you almost fifteen years to get down to business with her. Hilarious. I miss series like this.

#SexPact (Blockers)


Extraordinary. A comic wonder written with a love to the characters unusual at this point in life. Perfect cast, adorable daughters, and unmatched intelligence when it comes to crafting the thick line.
One of the best “traditional” comedies we’ve seen in years.

Project X


One of the great covers of the films about the father party is this generous proposal by Nima Nourizadeh who, my goodness, is almost ten years old. ‘Project X’ is a hilarious chaos that delivers what it promises, a impossible combination of styles and stories that result in something like the holiday witch project. A debauchery from which to leave unburdened and grateful that it is not your home.

Piraña 2 (Piranha 3DD)

Let’s keep splashing through blood and water. John Gulager, director of the magnificent trilogy ‘Feast (Caught)’, took the reins of Aja to offer a much more insane by-product in all aspects. With very little budget, Gulager offers another b-series monster movie that is far poorer (in all respects) than the original. Fun? A lot. Very much.

At 47 meters (1 and 2)

at 47 meters

Holidays are one of the specialties of Johannes Roberts, a filmmaker who will be talked about and who little by little is finding his place. If I have to choose one of his two shark movies, I’ll take the second, more than a step forward a leap into the void full of great ideas. A very daring and elaborate bet with a modest ‘Jaws 3D’ aroma that leaves a good taste in the mouth.

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