Filming Starts for “Lucifer” Season 5 Release Date and More!!

“Lucifer” Cast has started shooting for its Final Season 5. Yes, It will be the last Season of This Amazing Series “Lucifer”.

After a Huge Success on 4 Overwhelming Seasons, The series is now headed for its last and final season. The shooting for season 5 has begun now. All the actors have confirmed through social media that they are headed toward the closing season of “Lucifer”.


Tom Ellis, The leading actor of the series did confirm through his tweets that they are going for the Fifth and Final Season of the series. The Previous 4 season had a huge impact on its fans all over the world.

“Lucifer” is an American Television series that collides a crucial and interesting story on Fans Minds. The Series is about a demon that returns from the hell and his overgoing life.

The series did gain 8.2 ratings on IMDB due to the growing Fans and Supporters residing Worldwide. This series is one of the most popular series that is Streaming on Netflix.

With the Hard-working team and Thrilling Storyline, The series did gain an overwhelming place in people’s hearts. Fans are sad as it will be the final season. After this season there would not be any Lucifer kind heartwarming experience that the series gave.

Release Date of Season 5?

The Shooting is just started, So the series will take some amount of time for releasing it. The Series might be released in the late 2020 or early 2021. Fans Have to wait Patiently as it is the final season. Trust me the wait will be worth it.

“Lucifer” comes under the Must-Watch Series Category. So you must watch it at least once. Season 1,2,3, and 4 are now streaming on Netflix. So To Watch It Now Click Here.

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