10 anime heroes who turned evil for ridiculous reasons

The anime He’s not exactly known for his nuanced characters, as most fans use the medium as a form of escapism, and that’s exactly what he offers.

From awesome fights that defy laws of physicsEven decisions made by characters that are governed by everything except logic, anime has it all.

In fact, the lack of logic in decision-making is exacerbated in the anime heroes that they turn evil, that they have little or no logical explanation or reasoning behind their actions. Obviously, the “reason” is almost always the convenience of the plot, and while anime sometimes explains why the good guys turn bad, most are often too ridiculous to be taken seriously.

Below in The Truth News We present to you 10 of the anime heroes who sadly turned evil.

Anime heroes turned evil

Many anime characters switched to the dark side

Slaine, an anime hero who avenged his princess

If done correctly, the death of a beloved character It can always be used as a strong trigger for an anime hero to go bad. In Slaine’s case, however, Princess Asseylum’s death caused him to make completely irrational decisions, such as blackmailing his superior officers, dismantling Martian royalty, and killing the only Martian who ever showed him kindness.

It would have been understandable if he had been shown to be mentally unstable after the princess’s death, but the only excuse given for his actions (which ranged from logical to insane) was pain.

The followers of Aldnoah.Zero regretted that the famous princess turned to the dark side by ceasing to be an anime hero and hoped that in the next chapters this action would be reversed although apparently it was not. Despite that, the series continues to be widely viewed around the world.

Edamura joined a trafficking network

Edamura was surprised when he turned to the negative side

When loved ones die, most people go into shock or pain and usually isolate themselves until they feel better. In Edamura’s case, he decided to voluntarily participate in the sale of children to wealthy elders, simply because the leader of the organization showed him kindness.

This was even more ironic, seeing how it had never occurred to him that the deaths of his friends could be a facade, seeing how they had already “died” twice in front of his eyes, before.

Even though he is a scammer, Edamura faithfully believes in justice being an anime hero; the father of this character was a lawyer and was a hero to his daughter. Part of his anger was born when he learned through the news that his father had been arrested for helping a trafficking ring. Edamura’s mother fainted after hearing the news.

Lelouch: An excellent antihero who became a victim

His goal was to free people who were humiliated by the government

Lelouch It started with a bang, becoming Zero the Savior, whose sole goal was to free his people from the humiliating rule of the British Empire through the use of his newly discovered Geass power. However, at some point, he became corrupted with power, conveniently forgot all his ideals, and soon began killing indiscriminately simply because he was British.

While some fans claim this was a natural progression for his character, others still argue that for a boy like Lelouch, this descent into extremism was nothing more than mishandling of his character by the anime staff.

Lelounch is the main character who was a anime hero that captivated the fans of the series almost immediately. The appearance of this man caused a sensation and the series is still watched by millions of people.

Eren, the hero who will kill innocent people

Attack on Tittan’s character turned bad

This is a controversial entry, as fans on both sides of the fandom have had fierce discussions regarding Eren and his true intentions after being an anime hero. Still, at the core of his desire is peace, and to achieve this peace for all his Eldian sisters and brothers, Eren wants to annihilate the Marleyan race.

He genuinely believes that the end justifies the means, which is also an argument used by dictators and fascist governments around the world, to completely eliminate people of specific cultures, religions and ethnicities.

The debate between series fans It never seems to end, so some have chosen to leave it alone because some conflicts were being generated.

Eren is a very loved character that is why the followers of the series are so loyal to her. He only seeks revenge on the titans who devoured his mother when he was still very young. His city was also destroyed, so he seeks to do justice.

Yaha-Kui Zashunina: Helped humanity advance

He was one of the most beloved anime heroes

The ZaShunina’s motivations they really didn’t make any sense. He came to earth, blessed humanity with technological advancements far beyond his reach, and even made an emotional connection with Shindou, who helped him teach the importance of life and death.

However, that character’s entire progression went down the drain when in the final episodes, ZaShunina revealed that he wanted a part of humanity to return with him, regardless of the hundreds of thousands of lives that process may take.

He went from being an anime hero to a simple villain who only saw for his benefit without caring about others as he did before. This situation was not to the liking of fans of the anime series, but they resigned themselves to seeing the new version of Yaha-Kui Zashunina. Some people did agree with the change, although they also had complaints.

Rachel, an anime hero who betrayed Baam

Fans were angered by Baam’s betrayal

All Rachel had to do was have a honest conversation with baam about your dream and your priorities. Baam was so in love with her that he would have instantly agreed to let her go and let her pursue her dream atop the Tower.

However, instead of being an adult about the situation, Rachel chose to ghost Baam, betraying his trust in her and eventually going as far as trying to kill him to achieve his dream by becoming a villain after being an anime hero.

Rachel pushed him out of a bubble making an attempt on his life while they were underwater trying to survive. Until now, many fans have wondered about the act and regret that the dark side of the series has gone but that is not why they wanted to stop watching the remaining content of the anime series. Fans regret that he loved her so much while she only thought about betraying him.

Light: Developed a God complex

Light is a very intelligent character and his change surprised everyone

In short, people like Light they are too smart and too detached from emotions to give in to something as silly as a God Complex, especially when this tendency was never shown as a normal kid.

While his descent into madness was a fun plot twist, it was actually contrary to his overly logical personality, where he always weighs the pros and cons of everything before undertaking any activity.

Since he appeared in the anime series, he became one of the most interesting characters, mainly after he stopped being an anime hero after turning to the bad side.

Light has been the target of imitations and parodies due to the importance that the character has shown in the anime series and fans have been satisfied with his performance as he assures that he came to take an interesting turn.

Lin, an anime hero who had no other options

He had to escape and then became a feared villain

When Lin managed to escape And he had the option to start a new life, of all the options he could choose, he chose to become a contract killer, due to reasons that the anime never bothered to reveal having been one of the most beloved anime heroes of all.

This never made sense to fans, especially seeing how this work contrasted with his kind and caring nature. Obviously the only reason he became a killer was so the entire anime could serve as his redemption arc, which worked in the end, but at the expense of making his tragic story seem more ridiculous and less tragic.

The change in character was liked by the followers of the anime series so they did not show annoyance in modifying the character for bad, regardless of how good he was loved by the fans.

Yukine was looking for a normal life

Yukine is a character that surprised everyone

Yukine he became corrupted due to his desire to lead a normal life. If he had chosen to share his conflicting feelings with Hiyori, she would have instructed him (which he did anyway, eventually), and that would have been the end of his negative feelings.

Instead, the usually expressive and talkative Yukine conveniently chose to keep quiet about her feelings, causing Yato to go broke and nearly died due to her selfishness. He was one of the most beloved anime heroes and his radical change surprised manga fans.

Many have said that this character is hated or loved and the vast majority have shown their affection despite his actions, which are not the most exemplary. Let’s remember that it is one of the most viewed and famous anime series of the moment, which is why Yukine has more and more followers.

Sphinx got things out of control

It was part of illegal acts within the anime series

The reason Sphinx bombed all of Japan was that they wanted to draw the attention of the authorities to the illegal experiments on children that occurred in their orphanage. However, in the age of the internet and social media, all they had to do was post incriminating evidence online (which they also did), or a testimonial from their personal experiences, to launch an investigation into the experiments.

There was absolutely no need for them to harm civilians and public property and thus become national terrorists in their quest for the truth to be discovered.

Spinx was one of the most beloved anime heroes and anime series, which can be seen on Netflix, is one of the most requested currently by anime followers, according to the audiovisual content company by subscription.

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