Yu-Gi-Oh: A young Dark Magician cosplay makes her sexy and ready to fight

The first series of Yu-Gi-Oh! it is certainly the most iconic and appreciated by fans of the brand. Over time, interest in anime waned as sequels were produced to reinforce the royal card game produced by Konami, but the monsters made by Kazuki Takahashi at the turn of the 2000s remained the ones with the most appeal.

This is why even today fans animate the clashes between Red-Eyes Black Dragon and Blue-Eyes White Dragon, or if statuettes of the Young Dark Magician and other kinds of figures are produced officially, even with a rather high price and for collectors. Or again, if i Yu-Gi-Oh fans! are active in the world of cosplay.

Over time we have presented you with different disguises, created by young amateurs or professionals, and today we bring you a new one focused on the Young Dark Magician, one of the most popular and iconic Yugi Muto cards of the anime. To make it is Lufexya, with three photos that you can see in the tweet below. In this cosplay of the Young Dark Magician we see her with an undoubtedly more sensual attitude than usual, thanks also to the shapes of the model who lent her the body. But the cosplay does not focus only on that since among the various poses you also have the opportunity to appreciate the costume well, from the dress to the wand and details of various kinds. What do you think of this Yu-Gi-Oh themed cosplay?

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