Yasuke: new images for the Netflix series dedicated to the legendary Ronin

There is now little time for the debut of the anime Yasuke on the Netflix platform, scheduled for April 29, and following the latest trailer released, the MAPPA studio staff, in collaboration with producer LeSean Thomas, shared new images showing some of the most important moments, and it was announced the entire cast of voice actors.

The history of the legendary ronin of African origin which during the sixteenth century was in the service of Nobunaga Oda, an important daimyo and one of the key figures of the Sengoku period, will develop in six episodes, and below we report the complete cast of the voice actors involved in the project:

  • Jun Soejima as Yasuke
  • Takehiro Hira come Nobunaga Oda
  • Kiko Tamura come Saki
  • Toshiko Sakakibara come Yami no Daimyo
  • Shigeru Ushiyama come Abraham
  • Fusako Urabe come Natsumaru
  • Yu Kamio come Morisuke
  • Eri Kitamura come Ishikawa
  • Kenji Kitamura come Achoja
  • Shunsunke Kubozuka come Hart
  • Hiroki Nanami come Nikiita
  • Rie Tanaka come Ichika

Also to promote the upcoming publication of the anime on Netflix, the four images that you can find at the bottom have been shared, in addition to the key visual and the preparatory drawings for the characters of Yasuke, in the design that we will probably see in the first episode, without the iconic samurai armor, and Nobunaga Oda. We remind you that an absurd controversy regarding the color of Yasuke’s skin has emerged on social media, and we leave you to the splendid illustration published by MAPPA.

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