XO, Kitty Season 2 release date, cast, storyline, trailer release, and everything you need to know

XO, Kitty Season 2  release date, cast, storyline, trailer release, and everything you need to know 

In its debut season, Netflix’s hit romantic comedy series XO, Kitty took viewers by storm with its charming characters, heartwarming storylines, and a healthy dose of chaos. The show, a spin-off from the beloved To All the Boys film franchise, follows the adventures of the witty and lovable Kitty Song Covey as she navigates her romantic journey at the prestigious KISS (Korean Independent School of Seoul). With its cliffhanger ending leaving fans clamoring for more, XO, Kitty has been renewed for a highly anticipated second season. In this blog post, we’ll delve into everything you need to know about the upcoming installment, from its release date to the cast, plot details, and more.





XO, Kitty Season 2 Release Date:

While an official release date for XO, Kitty Season 2 has yet to be announced, fans can expect the new episodes to arrive sometime in 2025. Production on the second season kicked off in April 2024 in Seoul, South Korea, with the cast reuniting for filming after the delays caused by the Hollywood writers’ and actors’ strikes in 2023. Given the typical production timeline for a series of this scale, a late 2024 release seems unlikely, but we’ll keep you updated as soon as Netflix confirms the premiere date.

XO, Kitty Series Storyline Overview:

XO, Kitty follows the adventures of Kitty Song Covey, the younger sister of Lara Jean from the To All the Boys movie trilogy. After receiving a scholarship to attend the prestigious KISS in Seoul, Kitty embarks on a journey to reunite with her long-distance boyfriend, Dae. However, her plans quickly go awry as she is entangled in a web of romantic complications, newfound friendships, and personal growth.

The first season introduced us to a diverse cast of characters, including Dae, the dreamy but misunderstood boyfriend; Yuri, the queen bee with a surprising vulnerability; Min-ho, Dae’s best friend and Kitty’s sworn enemy-turned-love interest; Q, the charming and supportive confidant; and Juliana, Yuri’s long-distance girlfriend. As Kitty navigated the complexities of her relationships, she discovered that love comes in many forms, and her self-discovery journey was hilarious and heartwarming.

XO, Kitty Season 2 Expected Storyline:

With the first season ending on a massive cliffhanger, fans eagerly anticipate the resolution of Kitty’s love triangle (or is it a love hexagon?) in Season 2. Will she rekindle her romance with Dae, explore her budding feelings for Yuri, or give in to the unexpected chemistry with Min-ho? The possibilities are endless, and the writers have promised to explore Kitty’s journey of self-discovery and her evolving understanding of love and relationships.

Additionally, we can expect to see the return of familiar faces, including Kitty’s parents, Dr. Covey and Trina, and the KISS staff and students. New characters, like the recently announced Stella, Praveena, and Jin, are also set to join the fray, adding fresh dynamics and potential romantic entanglements.

Fans are also speculating about the possibility of a crossover with the To All the Boys universe, with Lara Jean herself making a cameo appearance. Actress Lana Condor has expressed interest in reprising her role, leaving the door open for a heartwarming reunion between the Covey sisters.

XO, Kitty Season 2 list of Cast Members:

  • Anna Cathcart as Kitty Song Covey
  • Choi Min-Yeong as Dae
  • Gia Kim as Yuri
  • Sang Heon Lee as Min-ho
  • Anthony Keyvan as Q
  • Regan Aliyah as Juliana
  • Peter Thurnwald as Professor Alex Finnerty
  • Yunjin Kim as Director Ji-na Lim
  • Michael K. Lee as Professor Daniel Lee
  • Jocelyn Shelfo as Madison Miller
  • Audrey Huynh as Stella (new character)
  • Sasha Bhasin as Praveena (recurring)
  • Joshua Lee as Jin (recurring)

XO, Kitty Season 2 List of Episodes:

Unfortunately, the episode titles and details for XO, Kitty Season 2 have not been released yet. However, based on the first season’s structure, we expect the new season to consist of around ten episodes, each exploring different facets of Kitty’s romantic adventures and personal growth.

  • Episode No. 1: “XO”
  • Episode No. 2: “WTF”
  • Episode No. 3: “KISS”
  • Episode No. 4 :”TGIF”
  • Episode No. 5: “TBH”
  • Episode No. 6: “BYOB”
  • Episode No. 7: “TIL”
  • Episode No. 8: “LFG”
  • Episode No. 9: “SNAFU”
  • Episode No. 10: “OTP”

XO, Kitty Series Creators Team:

XO, Kitty was created by the talented Jenny Han, who also serves as the show’s writer, executive producer, and showrunner. Han is the author of the beloved To All the Boys book trilogy, which inspired the hit film franchise and subsequently led to the creation of XO Kitty.

They are joining Han as executive producers, Sascha Rothchild and Matt Kaplan, who have extensive experience bringing captivating stories to life on the small screen. The series is produced by Awesomeness and ACE Entertainment, two powerhouse production companies known for their exceptional work in young adult and romantic content.

Where to Watch XO, Kitty Season 2?

Like its predecessor, XO, Kitty Season 2 will be available exclusively on Netflix. The streaming giant has become a go-to destination for high-quality original content, and the first season’s success has solidified XO, Kitty’s place in their roster of must-watch shows.

Subscribers can easily access the new episodes on their preferred devices, including smart TVs, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones, allowing for a seamless and convenient viewing experience. With Netflix’s user-friendly interface and robust content library, viewers can easily binge-watch the entire season or savor each episode at their own pace.

XO, Kitty Season 2 Trailer Release Date:

The XO Kitty Season 2 trailer has no official release date. However, based on Netflix’s promotional strategies for previous seasons, we can expect the trailer to drop a few months before the premiere date.

Fans awaiting a sneak peek into Kitty’s next chapter should focus on Netflix’s social media channels and the official XO Kitty accounts. The trailer will likely offer tantalizing glimpses of the new season’s plot, introduce new characters, and hint at the romantic entanglements and personal growth that Kitty will experience.

XO, Kitty Season 2 Final Words:

With its endearing characters, relatable storylines, and a healthy dose of chaos, XO, Kitty has captured the hearts of worldwide viewers. As we eagerly await the release of Season 2, one thing is sure: Kitty Song Covey’s journey is far from over, and the upcoming episodes promise to deliver even more laughter, heartwarming moments, and swoon-worthy romance.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the To All the Boys universe or a newcomer to the world of XO, Kitty, this series offers a delightful escape into the lives of these captivating characters. So, mark your calendars, grab your favorite snacks, and get ready to immerse yourself in the infectious energy and charm of XO, Kitty Season 2.

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