Xbox Series X ‘by subscription’ also in Italy with Xbox All Access? New rumors

In an article dedicated to Microsoft’s nextgen strategy between Xbox Series X and xCloud, Bloomberg’s editorial team shared an important background on the Redmond company’s intentions to bring the Xbox All Access service to other markets.

To those who follow us, we remind you that Xbox All Access is a subscription service that allows you to receive an Xbox console and an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription by paying a monthly fee.

Well, on the basis of the information learned from the newspaper of which the well-known videogame journalist Jason Schreier has been part for a few months, we learn that “Microsoft intends to significantly increase the countries where the Xbox All Access service is available. Starting this fall, the company will triple the number of countries that offer this service.”.

At the time of writing, Xbox All Access is only present in Australia, New Zealand, United States and United Kingdom: according to the Bloomberg editorial team, therefore, in the autumn the service will be extended to at least eight other countries. The Bloomberg report does not offer further indications on the markets that should be involved in this new commercial initiative by Microsoft, but the already confirmed arrival in September of xCloud in Italy helps to give hope to our fans of green-cross consoles who are looking with interest in this genre of offers.

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In recent months, on the other hand, Phil Spencer himself defined Xbox All Access as essential in Microsoft’s strategy aimed at expanding its user base, especially in anticipation ofXbox Series X arrives in November. And this, without mentioning the increasingly insistent rumors that Microsoft is about to announce Xbox Lockhart or Series S, perhaps with the purchase option “by subscription” with Xbox All Access.


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