Xbox Series X and S compared to One X in new live shots

That lucky Tom Warren of The Verge had the opportunity to get his hands on Xbox Series S e Xbox Series X, the two next-generation consoles from Microsoft arriving on the market next November 10, respectively at 299 euros and 499 euros.

It Senion Editor of the overseas newspaper did not miss the opportunity to take a series of photographs, in order to show them live to all its readers. The shots allow you to get a precise idea of ​​the dimensions of the two consoles, also thanks to direct comparison with Xbox One X.

Xbox Series X, we recall, measures 301mm x 151mm x 151mm, and features a definitely unusual format factor for a console. Xbox Series S, on the other hand, measures 275mm x 151mm x 63.5mm. Basically, the latter turns out to be higher, but less wide and deep, than the “old” Xbox One X (300mm x 240mm x 60mm). At the bottom of this news you will find a series of preview photographs, for the complete galleries you should head to this address for Xbox Series X and this one for Xbox Series S.

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As we write, Tom Warren is also live for a hands-on of the two next-gen consoles (find the player at the bottom of the news.)


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