X-Files, the creator of the series apologizes for the plots left unresolved: “I’m sorry”

The absence of a season 12 of The X Files continues to be a problem for fans of the series, who have always complained a certain sense of incompleteness regarding the revival episodes.

According to many, the last two seasons (which arrived after 2016) have not in fact met expectations, and have attributed certain shortcomings to creator and screenwriter Chris Carter. The latter had the opportunity to talk about what happened in the last episodes and the stories still pending during the course of the The Conspiracy Podcast per Den of Geek:

“The stories of Skinner, Mulder, Scully and William they are still unresolved … I’m sorry but I didn’t make it. With the fact that Gillian [Anderson] has decided to move on with her career, we certainly can’t focus on Mulder and Scully just yet. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t another way to make The X-Files. At the moment I believe that the future is still to be written “.

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Some fans then harshly criticized the revelation concerning William , the alleged son of Scully and Mulder: “There have been objections to the connection between William and the Man Who Smokes. I can tell you that the people who complained never asked me the right questions in the end. “

Probably certain mysteries will never be revealed, but then we risked not even having the tenth season due to the squabbles between Gillian Anderson and the production.


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