Wonder Woman comes to life in the beautiful cosplay of Kami Ferreira

In the early 1940s, when the comic book world was still in its infancy, DC Comics, which had another name at the time, in the USA decided that there were not enough female figures in the books. So it was born Wonder Woman which still forms the so-called trinity of DC Comics, together with Batman and Superman.

Diana Prince continues to fascinate for almost 80 years with her stories and not surprisingly he has become one of the characters to enjoy a film in the new DC Extended Universe. After the first film with Gal Gadot, another feature film about the beautiful and strong Amazon is in production. Unfortunately, the current world situation has forced Wonder Woman 1984 to postpone at the end of 2020, except for further movements in the coming months.

To review Wonder Woman, however, we can take advantage of the cosplay, created thanks to a strong passion of the heroine fans. IS Kami Ferreira to show us her Wonder Woman gone viral in the photo below. The costume chosen by the cosplayer takes up one of the classic Wonder Woman costumes and on which the one worn by Gal Gadot in the cinematographic interpretation of recent years was based, therefore composed of a red bodice with some stylized gold details that form an eagle, a blue skirt and gray and golden bracelets. You like this Wonder Woman cosplay?

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