Why Put Lemon Beside The Bed

Why Put Lemon Beside The Bed

The scent of any citrus fruit is very healing. It has the capability to open up the breathing passageway and also make you feel fresh instantly. You can breathe in with your nose or even through your mouth, but if you are someone who sleeps with their mouth closed, then lemons are the perfect choice because they have a strong smell that is able to go through blocked noses. Simply put, it’s healthy for people having blocked noses.

The smell of the lemon, especially after rubbing it on your skin, helps you sleep better at night because of its natural calming effect on your body. If you want to get sound sleep every night without tossing and turning in bed, place a couple of sliced lemons under your pillow before going to sleep.

Another reason for placing lemons beside your bed is that lemons are capable of purifying the air in your bedroom and keeping it clean and safe from infections, bacteria, and the like. This way, you will be able to breathe healthy and sound all night long.

Lemon juice is also a natural hair conditioner that prevents hair breakage and split ends and keeps it shiny and silky smooth throughout the day! You don’t need much lemon juice to do this; just rub a wedge filled with fresh lemon juice on your scalp and wait for five minutes before rinsing thoroughly with water. Do it every other day for optimum results.

Forget about taking sleeping pills at night because relaxing yourself naturally by getting healthy sleep is much better!

lime next to the bed:

the fruit’s green color is associated with positive energy and freshness. take a slice and place it under your pillow to banish nightmares and ensure sweet dreams.

lime juice in the bedroom:

put some lime juice in a bowl and keep it there for 3 days, then pour it away outside (not in the sink!) and scrub the bowl with salt. you can now use the lime-scented bowl as decoration or to serve food!-

lime slices among clothes:

if you have to iron something, cut lime into two halves, sprinkle some salt over them, and rub them as if they were brushes or rags. this will remove all limescale from your clothes!-

lime above doors:

hang a small cluster of lime in the window to banish ghosts and bad luck

lime in the wallet for money:

add a lime coin (take a coin from your country) to your wallet to attract wealth. make sure you don’t spend it!

lime at home to bring happiness:

decorate your front door with three slices of lime, the cut side inwards, and put an amethyst stone in each slice. this will ensure freshness and a pleasant atmosphere in your home.

lime soup for fertility:

try making one of these traditional recipes based on plants said to enhance fertility. all ingredients are known for their high content of vitamin c, which is involved in hormonal balance sweet lima bean soup semolina pudding with sour grapes spinach soup with eggs-  pumpkin soup with eggs.

lime in the kitchen:

if you like to cook but hate when your hand’s smell of garlic or onions, rub them on a cut lime. make sure you don’t eliminate all the juice though, as this will give your food an unpleasant taste.-

lime in the dishwasher for sparkling glasses:

add some lime juice to the dishwasher before washing your glasses, which will make them sparkle beautifully!-

lime slices under fridge magnets:

place some round slices of lime among your fridge magnets to attract money and banish bad luck. even better if you also have a jar full of coins that have been rubbed with lime juice.

lemon and sleeplessness:

whether fresh or dried, lemons are considered an excellent aid for getting to sleep. put a slice of lemon on your bedside table, under the pillow, or in a cup. also try sleeping with a small bag containing three dried lemons tied to your left wrist.-

lemon zest:

grating half a lemon’s skin will prevent you from becoming ill if you already feel under the weather. don’t worry about wasting the fruit itself as it can be used later for cooking.-

lime under baby’s pillow:

rub half a lime on the soles of the feet of babies or children who are constantly crying. afterward, place some fresh slices under their pillow so they can finally get some sleep.-  a few drops of lime oil on cotton wool will also do the trick if you don’t have any limes available.

lemon and salt in the bedroom:

rub some salt on a cut lemon, then place the rind under your pillow. this is said to help you have good dreams-

preventing hair loss with lime:

rub some fresh lime juice into your scalp every other day. if you also massage half a lemon’s worth of almond oil or wheat germ oil into your scalp one or two times a week, it will stimulate the blood flow and prevent further hair loss.-

lemon peels paintbrushes:

new paintbrushes can be softened before their first use if soaked overnight in warm water mixed with lemon rinds.-  paste made with sugar and lemon juice is excellent for polishing brass objects-  add some old crushed lemon peels to your ashtray in order to purify the air.

lemon and water for aching eyes:

if you have aching, sore, or tired eyes, mix lemon juice with warm water and use the mixture as an eye bath.  if you feel particularly drained of energy after a hard day’s work, soak two cotton pads in half a mug of this same lemon water and place one over each closed eyelid. relax for 15 minutes before rinsing off.-

lime slices among plants to ward off insects:

place lime halves among the plants in your garden to prevent aphids from harming them. it is best to leave them overnight so they can release their bitter scent.

leaving lemons around the house:

the scent of lemon will not only refresh your kitchen and bathroom but can also help create an atmosphere conducive to sleep.

lemon slices under the mattress:

place thin slices of lemon between your sheets or under your mattress. this is said to attract good luck and fortune.-  freshly-squeezed lemon juice applied to burns is said to relieve pain. if you don’t have any lemon juice available, soak the burn in milk mixed with crushed salt instead.

lime peels in water for hiccups:

hiccups are caused by breathing in too much air while swallowing saliva. prevent them by placing lime rinds in water.-

halitosis (bad breath) lime cures:

try chewing on some chopped fresh lime leaves to cure halitosis, or leave some fresh wedges of lime in your drinking water.-

lime peels on the stove:

if you want to keep flies away from your kitchen while you prepare dinner, place lime peels on top of the stove. they are also said to repel mice and other pests.  place fresh lemon slices among your fruit so it doesn’t rot quickly add lemon juice to the cooking water when boiling rice, pasta, etc.

for cleaner dishes, if food gets stuck on the bottom of pans during cooking, add a little salt and squeeze half a lemon’s worth of juice into them. let stand for around 15 minutes before cleaning off with warm water.

a feeling of warmth and well-being:

place a few lemon slices in your wardrobe to prevent mildew. also, rub half a lemon on the window sills and around doors once every other day.

this will help protect your home from spiders and other insects.-  if you’d like to repel insects but don’t want to spray chemicals around your house, simply add some chopped-up lemon peel to boiling water and let it steep for 10 minutes before pouring down all the crevices in your windowsills and under furniture.

are lemons good for breathing:

when your nose is congested with mucus, try placing lemon slices in a bowl of hot water and inhale the steam. this will help clear your nasal passages.-

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