Why Marvel Shield of Agents ending after season 7 is a good thing?

Why is Marvel Shield of Agents ending after season 7 a good thing?

Still seems like yesterday when the trending comic movie production company released the entire marvel comics with all our favorite characters and people that we all love and who inspire us a lot. The company announced the release of the whole of S.H.I.E.L.D series into the television realm wherein it would be telecasted and distributed as seasons.

Shield of Agents ending after season 7
Shield of Agents ending after season 7

With this, the company had started with seasons that would be telecasted in different seasons and series though. However, the story got more appreciation and applause when the extraordinary character Agent Phil Coulson got back to life once again, taking the attention of all the audience and the fans to fall in love with Marvels. Although it would have been a rough start for the entire team to start with the Agents of Shield, it received a lot of appreciation though.

It traced out a lot of stories forcefully making the stories more exciting and compelling the audiences to keep watching the series one by one. This was a major enjoyable story that played as a great entertainment to all the hardcore and tough Marvel’s fans on the whole.

However, the entire seven seasons was quite a bad run for the company, though the Marvel’s movies ranked a lot and received a lot of appreciation on the big screens and theatres, the seasons and the series on the Television could not do a lot as compared to the movies and films. Hence, it seems that it is a great time to wrap up the character Agent Coul Philson from the series, and possibly conclude the entire season as well.

Also, there were other reasons too, wherein there were issues with the contracts with the old casts, and signing up the new characters into the show. Well, in Comicon, San Diego it was announced that Season 7 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D would be the last season for the entire show that was being telecasted though. Hopefully, people who want to know the real reason behind, then the above stuff would be helpful.

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