Who Has Diet Pepsi On Sale?

Who Has Diet Pepsi On Sale?

Diet Pepsi recently released new clear bottles.  This is to promote its smaller portion size.  This newly designed bottle holds 12 ounces instead of the traditional 16 ounces.  The company states that “the new design is intended to let consumers know they are getting a more distinctively crisp taste.”

Diet Pepsi claims this change will help the drinker identify the difference between their product and other soft drinks on the shelves. The release of this smaller version coincides with an increase in advertising for Diet Pepsi, including major runway shows during New York Fashion Week.

It’s no secret that soda consumption has dropped dramatically in recent years due to consumer awareness of adverse health effects associated with drinking sugar high fructose corn syrup-filled sodas. This move by Pepsi Co. is an attempt to keep up with the growing number of people drinking less soda.

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Diet Pepsi is available in over 90 countries worldwide.  It’s no surprise that the beverage industry was rife with controversy during the 2012 Presidential Election when it came out that Pepsi had arranged for their product to be available at polling places on election day, while Coca-Cola did not have a presence at all.

Despite this marketing move being one of many political ads by corporations, some people were still sent into a tizzy over what seemed like Big Brother tactics.  The assumption was that these drinks would give people another reason to linger around polling places while trying to sway voters away from candidates they opposed.

This new design has some people scratching their heads about whether or not this can be considered “new,” considering Diet Pepsi has been sold in smaller portions for quite some time now.  The real question is whether or not the smaller size will be enough to keep Pepsi Co. afloat in this changing soda-drinking world.

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