Where to Watch Who Were We Running From?

Who Were We Running From?, a criminal thriller series, was just released on Netflix, which is great news for fans of the genre. It has a fantastic cast offering outstanding performances and a riveting story. Whenever you have the opportunity, you should definitely add it to your watch list.

You’re thrust into the tale of a mother and daughter on the run from the very first episode, but it takes a while for the show to explain why they’re fleeing. They are always on the go, staying in different hotels in an effort to avoid detection. However, it becomes difficult to remain undetected when they leave an array of dead victims in their wake. The season culminates in an epic showdown that reveals the full extent of the reason the mother and daughter are on the run.

Who Were We Running From Release Date

On March 24, 2023, Netflix premiered the first episode of a seven-part thriller.

Where to watch Who Were We Running From?

Who Were We Running From Season 1 is now available on Netflix for everyone with a reliable internet connection and a membership to the streaming service. You may proceed with confidence.

Who Were We Running From Story

Two primary characters, a mother and daughter, are at the center of the plot. In the beginning, not much is revealed about their history. The audience only “gets” the characters at certain points. The mother and her daughter have both experienced the numerous challenges that life throws at us. Currently, they are homeless. They stay in motels and often change locations. Until a new opponent begins to follow them, the girl has never inquired about her mother’s decisions.

It turns out that Mom has some very sketchy ties to the past. Her background has brought unwanted attention, therefore they should probably go away now. The daughter becomes resentful of her mother’s overbearing nature, leading to misunderstandings and tense exchanges between the two as they play cat and mouse. It’s up to the audience to speculate on whether or not the protagonists will be able to work together with the villains.

Who Were We Running From Cast


Melisa Sözen plays the mother in the play. The mother and daughter are on the run because of the mother’s refusal to reveal a terrible truth about her past. The Rose and the Thorn, Azap Yolu, Biçak Sirti, Bir Bulut Olsam, The Magnificent Century, Alef, The Red Room, etc. are only some of the TV series in which Sözen has appeared. Bana Sans Dile, Cenneti Beklerken, Hunting Season, and Winter Sleep are just a few of the films in which she appeared.

Bambi, the mother’s daughter, is portrayed by Eylül Tumbar. Bambi adores her mom, but she hopes they can finally settle down in one spot. Tumbar is a newcomer to the entertainment sector; her appearance as Bambi on television was her first.

Here’s the cast list:

  • Melisa Sözen as Mother
  • Eylül Tumbar as Bambi
  • Musa Uzunlar as the mother’s father
  • Isik Naz Özedgü as a Young Mother
  • Basak Dasman
  • Birand Tunca
  • Meriç Rakalar
  • Emre Kolukisa
  • Alper Çankaya
  • Hakan Emre Unal
  • Kubilay Tunçer
  • Devrim Kabacaoglu

Who Were We Running From Ending

Both Bambi and her mom were aware that they needed money. To make ends meet, Bambi’s mom intended to steal a shop, but she wouldn’t let Bambi come along. Bambi’s mother saw her daughter murder her grandpa and feared for her own daughter’s future. There must be no blood on her kid, she says. She doesn’t want her daughter’s upbringing to be ruined, so she’s worked hard to make it different from her own.

Both Bambi and her mother were avid readers of Bambi: A Life in the Woods, which was published in 1923. They consider it to be equivalent to a religious text. Bambi hoped her mother would not abandon her in the woods as the fictional Bambi’s mother did. In this version, Bambi’s mom returns with cash and possessions but is severely hurt in the process. Bambi began caring for her mother in the same way that she had done for her throughout her life.

She hurried to the drugstore and returned with supplies to treat her mother’s wounds. Bambi and her mom are staying at a hotel, and the front desk clerk begins to suspect them. After learning about the Hotel Killers via his own investigation, he decides to report them to the police. Numerous times, Bambi and her mother fled, and Bambi’s mother killed numerous people because they made her daughter sad. Therefore, the police decided to cease attempting to apprehend them alive and instead plotted their murder.

They checked into the hotel as Bambi and her mother made a hasty exit out the rear. They can tell the police are around. Bambi’s mom is so hurt that she can scarcely move. She tells Bambi to escape as the police open fire, perhaps saving the life of her daughter. As Bambi’s mother sees the police surround her, he does what he usually does and blends in with the throng. The police searched far and low for Bambi that night but to no avail. She suddenly disappeared into the night.

Who Were We Running From Review

The pilot episode of Who Were We Running From? is compelling and raises many issues. There’s an unsettling sensation that hints there’s more to this than just Bambi and her mother fleeing away from something, and the story itself implies as much. The program relies on this mystery to draw in viewers, and it gradually reveals just enough to keep them interested. Thankfully, this aspect of mystery isn’t overused in the program.

Who Were We Running From: Will there be Season 2?

Although it’s very early in the series’ development, Netflix has not yet said whether or not they want to renew the Turkish drama Who Were We Running From for a second season. While it’s not the most watched or talked about program on the service, “The Flash” has won over a dedicated fanbase and is attracting more viewers every day.

There is a demand for European thrillers like The Night Agent, Shadow and Bone, and You, but the Turkish series may have a hard time competing. Surprisingly, there are currently no reviews of the series on Rotten Tomatoes. And over at IMDB, where 1,609 people voted, it has a rating of 5.9, things don’t seem much better.

While these numbers might be discouraging, the season finale does offer the possibility for a potential second installment. However, Netflix will be keeping an eye on the numbers in the coming months to see whether the program is worthy of a second season.

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