Where to Watch Unsuspicious Season 2

Unsuspicious, often known as “Nada Suspeitos,” is a darkly comedic mystery series in Portuguese that was created by César Rodrigues and Leandro Soares. Jorginho Peixoto, a known conman, invites his present wife Patrcia, his ex-wife Bete, and a potential future mistress named Thyellen to dinner after learning that someone is chasing him.

They all arrive with their different families. Jorginho admits to having defrauded his visitors of their belongings and begs them to keep his valuables safe while he flees. Later that night, however, Jorginho is slain, and it quickly becomes clear that one of the visitors to Jorginho’s house committed the crime.

Unsuspicious Season 2

A traditional whodunnit is cleverly wrapped up with humour in “Unsuspicious.” The programme has had a range of reviews since its debut, from negative to good. Both the performers and the story have received high appreciation. We have the answer to your question about whether “Unsuspicious” will return for a second season.

It has a different atmosphere when murder, suspense, drama, and humour are combined. Everyone will find enjoyment in it. In August, Netflix will also debut a brand-new Brazilian television series. Unsuspicious is a movie about a playboy who conns many ladies at once. These ladies visit his residence in search of information and are surprised to discover a brand-new reality.

César Rodrigues, the show’s creator, and Leandro Soares are poised to keep us all entertained with its brand-new narrative and premise.

The cast of Unsuspicious Season 2

Playboy Jorghino Peixoto is portrayed by Paulo Tiefenthaler. He is a man who worries that he is being tracked down and murdered; this dread came true sooner than he had planned. Paulo has had roles in many more plays, including Larica Total, Perdido, and Jules and Dolores.

Gesiica Kayane, Mara Junot, Thati Lopes, Ramulo, Silvero Pereira, Raul Almeida, Patricia, and Dhu Moraes all play the role of Xandra, while Dhu Moraes plays Zanina. Marcelo Medici portrays Charles Nunes, Maira Azevedo plays Bete, Raphael Logan plays Darlison, Gi Uzeda plays Yara Oliveira, and Eliezer Motta plays Marconi Goncalves.

Unfortunately, we do not yet know which cast members will return for season two, but we believe that everyone will. Due to his death in the first season, Jorghino won’t be seen in the second. In flashbacks, he may still perform the same role.

The characters played by Tiefenthaler and Motta are no longer alive, hence they won’t be seen in the next season 2. If the second season continues to centre on the same cast of individuals who are still imprisoned in Jorginho’s home, the remainder of the characters may make an appearance. There will likely be new cast members, one of them will play Yara’s biological father.

Unsuspicious Season 2 Plot

Three ladies who were duped by the same guy are the focus of the show’s plot. The three ladies and their families drove to the Jorghino estate angry and seeking retribution, explanations, and recompense, only to discover that the conman had been killed in cold blood. What began as an inquiry into the matter became a defence of their innocence.

The playboy first sent letters to all the ladies expressing his worries about the impostor who intended to murder him. An insight that places the women at the centre of the inquiry. The second season’s storyline is unclear, however, it will continue where the first season left off.

The identity of Yara’s father, who could be connected to the killings, may be revealed in season 2. If he’s not the killer, the actual one will probably be shown too. Most of the connections made in the first season’s house may not last till the second. We could also discover more about Jorginho’s history and the precise circumstances of his death.

Has Unsuspicious received a season 2 renewal?

Unsuspicious has not yet received a second-season renewal as of the time of writing. Given that the programme is an anthology by nature, its structure may alter if Netflix succeeds.

Before renewing a programme, Netflix often evaluates a variety of factors, such as how many people first watch it and the drop-off rate. Some series are rapidly cancelled or renewed (like Squid Game, Bridgerton & Irregulars), but other times it might take months for Netflix to make a choice.

Unsuspicious has had a somewhat mixed response from reviewers and viewers thus far, and as of this writing, there doesn’t seem to be any talk about the programme. Brazilian programmes, like 3% and Good Morning, Veronica, have performed exceptionally well for the streaming goliaths, nevertheless.

Unsuspicious Season 2 Release Date 

As of January 2023, the programme has not yet been renewed for a second season, and it is unclear when that announcement will be made. The most probable release window is either this year or 2024.

Trailer for Season 2 of Unsuspicious

Unsuspicious season two’s trailer has regretfully not yet been published and is unlikely to do so anytime soon. The programme’s first season debuted on Netflix on August 17th, and we are still awaiting word on whether it will be renewed.

Filming may begin as soon as the series is extended, thus the trailer may be shown either before 2023 comes to a conclusion or in 2024. If you missed the first season of the programme, you may watch it on Netflix.

What can I watch Unsuspicious Season 2?

Netflix is one of the venues where you may watch the show. It’s now being speculated that they may reveal the second season’s launch date very soon. In this instance, it would presumably be available on the Netflix service.

Series from Brazil have a distinctive twist. It is difficult to tell what season will come after season 1, despite the fact that we are anxiously expecting its debut. The upcoming season will be packed with surprises if the initial season is a hit and the public enjoys it.

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