Where to Watch the K-Drama High Cookie?

The upcoming fantasy drama Hi Cookie has officially cast Nam Ji-hyun, Choi Hyun-wook, and Kim Moo-yeol. The producers of the forthcoming drama have unveiled the main characters and their backgrounds, but other than that, much information is still under wraps.

In the fantasy drama Hi Cookie, a prestigious school and a batch of mysterious baked cookies are at the center of events. A dramatic woman’s heroic act of plunging into the water to save her younger sister will take center stage.

We will announce the release date, personnel, and broadcast information at a later time. The director of Youth of May, Song Min-yeop, is reportedly going to helm Hi Cookie.

High Cookie Release Date

Nam Ji-hyun, Choi Hyun-wook, Kim Mu-yeol, and Jung Da-bin are the main characters in High Cookie, a web series produced and written by Song Min-yeop in South Korea. It ran Monday through Thursday on U+ Mobile TV from October 23, 2023, until November 23, 2023. Plus, you can watch it online on Netflix Korea.

High Cookie Story

In High Cookie, we follow two sisters as they fight for survival. The character Choi Soo-young, portrayed by Nam Ji-hyun, begins peddling cookies to her sister’s class after discovering she has baking skills.

As time goes on, the pupils’ cookie consumption causes them to go completely bonkers. If you eat this cookie, all your dreams will come true. A catch, however, seems to exist.

The charm of the cookie can only be enjoyed once the eater makes a sacrifice. It doesn’t matter whether it’s money, health, or life—the sacrifice may be anything.

Another negative consequence of consuming cookies is that they might make people hooked and unable to control their eating habits. After her sister is entangled in the criminal drama, Soo-young is determined to get the cookies and ensure that no one else eats them.

High Cookie Cast

  • Nam Ji-hyun as Choi Soo-young / Lee Eun-seo

She is Min-young’s elder sister and an unconventional industrial worker. Soo-young took care of her younger sister after dropping out of school to become the leader of the home when she was only 18 years old.

  • Choi Hyun-wook as Seo Ho-su

An exceptionally bright kid who consistently ranks among Korea’s top private high school graduates. Among his affluent peers, he is renowned as an approachable “good guy” since he keeps to his studies despite everything.

  • Kim Mu-yeol as Yoo Seong-pil

The most enigmatic and brilliant college admissions test expert. Despite his notoriety for fulfilling pupils’ desires in the most effective, efficient, or even unlawful ways, Seong-pil remains a figure wrapped in mystery.

  • Jung Da-bin as Choi Min-young

She is a student at Jeonghan High School and the younger sister of Soo-young. She loves her sister deeply, despite her icy exterior.

  • Seo Bum-june as Song Jin-woo

He consistently ranks first in his class and enjoys widespread acclaim. He makes use of his position as the grandson of the school chairman to do anything he wants.

  • Chae Seo-eun as Park Hee-jin

I was an honor student in seventh grade. When Jin-woo befriends Min-young, she feels envious since she has a crush on him.

Where to watch High Cookie?

Touted as LG’s first original drama, the program will air on the Korean network. The program was created and distributed by Studio X+ U, an affiliate of LG U+.

The corporation intends to develop a wide range of programs, as previously stated. After that, many platforms and sources, such as U+tv and Sporki, will get these from them.

On top of that, LG U+ announced that they will be promoting their content on streaming services like Netflix and Tv. At this time, only the U+ mobile TV from LG is capable of streaming High Cookie.

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