Where to Watch Pact of Silence?

The Mexican original “Pact of Silence” (El Pacto de Silencio) by director Carlos Villegas Rosales has been much awaited. This forthcoming drama series, executive produced by Mariana Iskandarani and produced by Mar Abierto Productions, offers a captivating narrative sure to fascinate spectators.

A narrative of intrigue and suspense, “Pact of Silence” unfolds against an environment of mystery and vengeance, thanks to the artistry and skill of a committed team. This exciting new addition to Netflix’s library of original content will take you on a wild rollercoaster of feelings and insights.

Pact of Silence Release Date

All 18 episodes of the show were released on the same day, October 11th, and they have since garnered a 7.8 rating on IMDb. There has been no change to the bad apples. Nonetheless, the overwhelmingly positive reception it has received suggests that it will have a successful first week.

Where to Watch Pact of Silence?

Season 1 of Pact of Silence can be viewed on Netflix right now. You can join up for Netflix through the app or website to gain access to the show. Netflix offers its subscribers a wide variety of entertainment options, including the ability to modify, change, or terminate their subscription at any point in time.

Pact of Silence Plot

Brenda Rey is a young, influential social media personality, but she didn’t always have it easy. She was a street kid because she was abandoned as a newborn. She grew up and now has the means to lift herself out of poverty. Now that she’s grown up, she wants answers regarding her birth and vengeance against those who left her for dead.

Pact of Silence Cast

Camila Valero plays the main character, Brenda Rey, to great effect. She is a TV actress with credits including Mala Fortuna, Journey to the Center of the Earth, and Unstoppable. She hails from Mexico City.

  • Camila Valero as Brenda Rey
  • Chantal Andere as Ramona Castro
  • Litzy as Sofía Estrada
  • Kika Edgar as Irene Bustamante
  • Adriana Louvier as Fernanda Alarcón
  • Marimar Vega as Martina Robles
  • Erick Chapa as Rodrigo
  • Rodolfo Salas as Omar
  • José Manuel Rincón as Adriano
  • Martín Barba as Alex

Pact of Silence Episodes

Pact of Silence’s first season features 18 episodes with individual runtimes ranging from 36 to 43 minutes. Although some viewers may feel that 18 episodes are too much to get through in a weekend, the short lengths of each episode (all under an hour!) will make the season go by quickly, much like a comedy’s. Similarly, even if a current streaming series only has two seasons, the final episode may leave you wanting more.

The names of all 18 episodes are shown below.

Episode 1: “All or None”
Episode 2: “The Fair”
Episode 3: “The Hater”
Episode 4: “Betrayals”
Episode 5: “Stalked”
Episode 6: “First Lady”
Episode 7: “Mortal Hatred”
Episode 8: “The Brother”
Episode 9: “Low Blow”
Episode 10: “Truth”
Episode 11: “Mastermind”
Episode 12: “Stabbing”
Episode 13: “Confession”
Episode 14: “From Love to Hate”
Episode 15: “Lucía Lives”
Episode 16: “A New Love”
Episode 17: “Bittersweet Victory”
Episode 18: “I Am Your Mother”

Pact of Silence Trailer

The trailer for “Pact of Silence” has been released, luring audiences into the mysterious and bloodthirsty world it depicts. This two-minute clip, which can be viewed on both YouTube and Netflix, opens with a foreboding tune that sets the tone for the story to come. The protagonist of the show is asked in a voiceover if she’s ready to start seeking revenge at a crucial juncture in the plot.

She declares without hesitating that she is always prepared, highlighting the careful preparation that has sustained her pursuit of justice. But as things progress, the story becomes more turbulent. The heroine starts following the four women, setting in motion a series of events that ultimately bring the women face to face with the terrible reality of her objectives. All the pieces are in place for a tense, action-packed drama in which every decision has serious repercussions.

Pact of Silence Filming Locations

Mexico serves as the setting for The Pact of Silence. Production took place in the Mexican states of Guerrero, Mexico City, Soledad de Doblado, and Veracruz.

Pact of Silence Review

This show is going to take us on a roller coaster of emotions as the creators brilliantly weave a story of hardship, perseverance, and, finally, salvation. When there is vengeance in a story, we expect it to become down and dirty at times. The central character, Brenda Ray, is a captivating one, and the skilled main actress does an excellent job of giving her life and personality. The film examines the psychological toll of desertion.

The story is compelling from the get-go, providing an intimate look at Brenda’s life as a famous influencer with a mysterious history. The images are stunning, encapsulating both the glamor of Brenda’s influencer life and the harshness of her inner torment.

Despite the surprising turns each episode takes, I can’t help but wonder why Brenda hasn’t just gotten a DNA test. She has the resources and the connections to get her hands on all four women. The overall level of mystery in the show is satisfactory. It makes you wonder what will happen next. The cliffhangers at the end of each episode leave you wondering where the tale could go next.

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