Where to watch ‘MADOFF: The Monster of Wall Street’

MADOFF The newest true-crime investigative documentary series, The Monster of Wall Street, is revealed in the trailer. The series, which is labeled as a financial thriller and is being directed by Joe Berlinger (renowned for Encounters with a Murderer, Crime Scene, and Brother’s Keeper), will consist of four parts.

MADOFF: The Monster of Wall Street

“This docuseries recounts the rise and collapse of financier Bernie Madoff, who organized one of the largest Ponzi scams in Wall Street history,” according to the official summary of the show. It exposes the truth about Bernie Madoff’s notorious $64 billion worldwide Ponzi scam, which was the biggest in history and destroyed the lives of numerous investors who had put their confidence in the esteemed Wall Street statesman.

Despite being imprisoned for running the biggest Ponzi scam in history over fifteen years, Bernie Madoff’s effect on society doesn’t seem to have diminished. It’s Netflix’s time now, as if a Robert De Niro film, an ABC miniseries, two documentaries, and a play were not enough—not to mention the many fictional characters and scenarios he sparked, from a Curb Your Enthusiasm episode to Emily St. John Mandel’s book The Glass Hotel.

The streamer is launching a new documentary next month on the notorious financier, who was imprisoned to 150 years in jail in 2009 for his $64.8 billion scam and who passed into prison in April 2021, to add to its remarkable collection of real crime tales.

What’s the story behind The Monster of Wall Street?

The largest-ever operation of its type, Madoff’s scam will be the subject of this documentary series. Netflix will provide accessibility to whistleblowers, detectives, victims, and more, as well as hardly ever video witness statements from Madoff himself.

MADOFF: The Monster of Wall Street Cast

Currently, we don’t know anything about MADOFF: The Monster of Wall Street’s cast. The docuseries will reportedly feature both live interviews & reenactments, according to the teaser. Given the topic, it’s possible that some well-known bankers and investors may be up to sharing their experiences. Melony Feliciano and Marla Freeman are listed as cast members in the series’ IMDb profile, although it’s not apparent what parts they play.

Official Synopsis “Madoff: The Monster of Wall Street unveils the reality behind Bernie Madoff’s notorious $64 billion worldwide Ponzi scam, the biggest in history, which destroyed the lives of several individual investors who had trusted the venerable Wall Street statesman.

This four-part docuseries follows Madoff’s journey from modest beginnings to one of the most powerful power brokers on Wall Street. It offers exclusive access to whistleblowers, workers, investigators, and victims, as well as hardly ever video witness statements of Madoff himself.

Filmmaker Joe Berlinger (Discussions with a Killer, Crime Scene, Brother’s Keeper) reveals the origins and, for the first time, the workings of Madoff’s fraudulent investment advisory business, demonstrating how the fraud was not just the work of one evil mastermind, as many people came to believe. Berlinger uses an inventive visual style and an enjoyable, edge-of-your-seat financial thriller tone.

It examines the likelihood that a group of accomplices and a monetary system full of institutions were prepared to ignore Madoff’s suspicious behavior, raising the apparent burning question: Could a similar blatant and harmful deception occur again?

The first line in the recently released video makes a generalization about a well-known topic: “You could understand the top of the narrative, but do you truly know what transpired underneath?” The documentary will undoubtedly raise questions about the role that famous people had in the multibillion-dollar fraud, and it’s possible that Madoff was used as a scapegoat.

Bernie Madoff: Who is he?

The biggest and arguably most destructive Ponzi scheme in history was run (presumably for decades) by American fraudster and Wall Street banker Bernard Lawrence Madoff, who defrauded thousands of investors out of around $64.8 billion.

By repaying early investors with funds collected from latecomers, as is customary in a Ponzi scheme, Madoff was able to keep his business running. He claimed to use an investment approach known as a split-strike conversion as a consequence, and even when markets declined, he continually reported an average 11% yearly return.

However, Madoff just transferred money from investors into only one bank account, which he then used to pay current customers who requested profit withdrawals.

He received a 150-year jail term, serving it until his death at age 82 in 2021. Madoff insisted up to the very conclusion that he was the only one who committed the scam and that not only his family, who were close to him, knew anything about it.

Early in the 1960s, Bernie Madoff worked as a penny stock dealer on Wall Street. He eventually established Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC, which would grow to become one of the biggest wealth management and penny stock brokerage businesses.

Madoff was a true businessman; his brother Peter and he created computer trading software that was subsequently used by the NASDAQ trading exchange and formed the groundwork for many of the modern electronic trading systems. In actuality, Madoff presided over the NASDAQ exchange in 1990.

After being detained in 2008, Bernie Madoff was later found guilty and given a 150-year jail sentence in 2009. The United States government ultimately offered to compensate out much more than $700 million to Madoff investors who had been duped, although that sum was insignificant in light of the enormous sums of money that investors had been conned out of. It is true, nevertheless, that some of Madoff’s first investors were able to recoup their whole investment plus a sizeable profit.

MADOFF: The Monster of Wall Street Trailer

We’re on the edge of our seats after seeing the official video for MADOFF: The Monster of Wall Street! The majority of the scenarios seem to be reenactments, although some interviews also appear to have been conducted. As was previously reported, this series is also being developed by Oscar-winning director Joe Berlinger, who is now best known for helming some of Netflix’s other true crime docuseries.

His approach to documentary filmmaking is evident in the teaser, which just adds to the intrigue. With the aid of many tools used throughout, the video provides us with a preview of what we’re going to encounter. This documentary also has a lot of quotable moments, some of which are already apparent in the teaser. Although more people haven’t yet seen the trailer, it is getting close to one million!

MADOFF: The Monster of Wall Street Release Date

It won’t take long for you to see this cutting-edge financial thriller. On January 4, 2023, Netflix will begin streaming the four-part documentary series.

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