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Kaleidoscope, a new robbery drama/anthology series on Netflix that spans eight episodes across 25 years and can be seen (nearly) in any sequence, has just released a teaser.

According to the promise, Kaleidoscope (formerly Jigsaw) will be Netflix’s next major heist drama series. Jigsaw was the working title for the Netflix original when it was commissioned in 2021, and it’s important to note that it is unrelated to the 2017 Saw sequel.

Given all of the danger, action, and drama in the new thriller series, it really seems more like it may make a good sequel to the massively successful Money Heist.

The Netflix description of the show states that it “follows a gang of expert thieves and their quest to get into a supposedly invincible vault for the greatest reward in history.

Kaleidoscope Season 1

American author, screenwriter, and filmmaker Eric Garcia is the creator of Kaleidoscope. His writings Matchstick Men and Repo Men (often referred to as The Repossession Mambo), both of which were adapted into successful movies with the same titles, are his best-known works.

Additionally, Garcia developed and penned the Unknown Rex book series, one of which was adapted into a SciFi channel series. Additionally, his career included the 2019 thriller Strange But True, which stars Amy Ryan in the title role.

Additionally, the show follows a group of skilled thieves as they attempt to unlock a vault that seems impenetrable. Kaleidoscope’s non-linear format allows viewers to choose the sequence in which they watch the chapters run-up to the conclusion.

The premiere date of the show was just announced by the network. Let’s go through what we currently know about Kaleidoscope if you want to learn everything there is to know about this intriguing series.

Kaleidoscope (a.k.a. Jigsaw), which has its premiere on Sunday, Jan. 1, is loosely based on a true incident in which $70 billion in bonds disappeared in downtown Manhattan during Hurricane Sandy. The show follows a group of expert thieves as they attempt to open a seemingly impenetrable safe in search of the biggest payday in history.

Kaleidoscope, a 24-year-long film, is about the biggest robbery ever committed and the retaliation, plotting, loyalty, and deceits that surround it. It is partially based on the true incident following Hurricane Sandy when bonds worth $70 billion went missing in central Manhattan.

Kaleidoscope Cast 

As of this writing, we are unclear whether we will be able to give a list of the show’s whole cast and staff. However, according to the reports, the Kaleidoscope cast is as follows. Look at this.

  • Leo Pap (Giancarlo Esposito) and
  • Ava Mercer (Paz Vega)
  • Roger Salas, played by Rufus Sewell
  • Hannah played by Tati Gabrielle
  • Judy Goodwin, played by Rosaline Elbay
  • Stan Loomis is played by Peter Mark Kendall.
  • As Bob Goodwin, Jai Courtney
  • As Nazan Abassi, Niousha Noor
  • Andrew Covington is played by Patch Darragh
  • As Taco, Max Casella

Kaleidoscope Season 1 Trailer & Streaming Option

The new Netflix heist drama anthology series Kaleidoscope (also known as Jigsaw), created by Eric Garcia and Ridley Scott and featuring Giancarlo Esposito, Rufus Sewell, and Paz Vega among others, is giving us our first peek behind the scenes. The show, which is scheduled to debut on Netflix on January 1, 2023, is featured in the trailer along with its cast and creators.

The Mandalorian and Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul’s Giancarlo Esposito leads a squad to attempt to steal $7 billion, as we can see in the teaser (which, as far as we know, isn’t random for everyone), but it turns out that it’s a lot more personal for him since he’s been deceived on a mission before.

Kaleidoscope Season 1 Episodes

There will be eight episodes of Kaleidoscope, all of which will stream on the exact same day as the release. All of the episodes are non-linear, meaning that the plot does not develop in a certain sequence based on time. This is in line with the series’ main characteristic, which is that it is participatory in some manner.

Below is a list of the episodes.

  •  Yellow: 6 Weeks Before The Heist.
  • Green: 7 Years Before the Heist, episode 2
  • Blue: 5 Days Before the Heist, the third episode.
  • Violet: 24 Years Before the Heist is the fourth episode.
  • Orange: 3 Weeks Before the Heist, the fifth episode
  • Red: The Morning After the Heist, the sixth episode.
  • Pink: 6 Months After” is the topic of episode 7.
  • White: The Heist,” the eighth episode

Everardo Gout and Mairzee Almas will each be in charge of directing two episodes.

Kaleidoscope Season 1 Plot

A skilled thief and his gang attempt a $7 billion epic and intricate theft, but his preparations are derailed by treachery, greed, and other dangers.

Kaleidoscope’s plot was largely influenced by actual occurrences following Hurricane Sandy, including the disappearance of $70 billion in securities from midtown Manhattan. The criminal drama series fictionalizes the specific incident and seeks to tell the story of the largest robbery ever attempted. It centers on retaliation and intricate machinations, and the crew’s loyalty is called into doubt.

Leo Pap, a cunning burglar, and the heist’s mastermind command attention in the narrative with a huge scheme to loot Manhattan. The cunning thieves have one goal in mind: to get into the city’s most guarded vault, which is holding a significant sum of cash as the city struggles to recover from a natural disaster. The problem? The world’s most potent security crew is manning the vault, which is the hardest to get into and seems to be indestructible.

Every episode unveils a piece of a complex jigsaw of corruption, greed, revenge, plotting, loyalties, and betrayals, protected by the most formidable corporate security team in the world also with law enforcement upon that case.

Overall, Kaleidoscope’s premise is typical of most old-school heist stories, and it probably makes you think of Money Heist. With its non-linear narrative, this series differentiates itself from other works in the category and makes it more engaging. Fans of crime thrillers and robbery dramas will undoubtedly like this new Netflix original.

Kaleidoscope Season 1: Date of Release

One of the most-watched American robbery drama stream television series is called Kaleidoscope. This show gained enormous popularity during the first few episodes of its launch, and it now has its first season. The first season of Kaleidoscope has a lot of admirers who are really thrilled and looking forward to its debut. Kaleidoscope Season 1 is anticipated to premiere on January 1, 2023.

Beginning in September 2021, Kaleidoscope started production just at Netflix Studios in Bushwick, Brooklyn. In March 2022, the last episode of the complete series was produced. In November 2022, the name was changed to Kaleidoscope.

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