Where to Watch Dave Season 3?

Where can I get the third season of Dave to watch online? All the streaming information is available here. Dave, whose stage name is Lil Dicky, is a rapper and comedian who, together with Jeff Schaffer, developed the American sitcom-drama Dave.

The series has Lil Dicky as the main character. The third season of Dave aired from April 5, 2023, to May 31, 2023, and it included ten episodes. As he navigates the difficulties of love this season, Dave headlines his first tour.

Where to watch Dave Season 3?

If you have a Hulu membership, you can watch Dave on Hulu as an FX program. As the third season of Dave began running on FXX, fresh episodes were uploaded to FX’s preferred streaming site the day following their broadcast.

Launched on October 29, 2007, Hulu is a streaming service that requires a membership. Famous entertainment companies, including ABC, Searchlight Pictures, FX Networks, Disney Television Studios, 20th Century Studios, Freeform, and many more, have contributed to the platform’s vast library of original content, TV series, and movies.

Dave Story

Lil Dicky, the protagonist of the comedic series, is a rapper with big hopes of making it big in the industry. As he navigates the ever-changing music industry and seeks to persuade others around him of his genuine talent, it portrays the many obstacles he encounters.

Dave Season 3 Cast

Returning for the next season are the principal actors and actresses. Beyond Lil Dicky, the cast includes Andrew Santino as Mike, GaTa as himself, Christine Ko as Elliot, Christine Ko as Emma, Gina Hecht as Carol Burd, David Paymer as Don Burd, and Benny Blanco as himself. Travis “Taco” Bennett voices Elliot.

Guest appearances by prominent people are another reason Dave is famous. Demi Lovato, Usher, Rick Ross, Don Cheadle, Machine Gun Kelly, Killer Mike, Travis Barker, and Megan Fox will all make cameo appearances in season three.

Dave Season 3 Plot

Now that Lil Dicky has finally broken through to the big time, Mike and GaTa are still riding shotgun, but they’re putting in extra hours to make sure their pal doesn’t go overboard in the limelight.

Dave may be sent tumbling back into the shadows of his Philadelphia flat if one incorrect action garners the wrong kind of attention. These changes in Dave’s and his colleagues’ responsibilities in the company also usher in a new, somewhat darker tone for the program.

This season, Dave faces not only the challenge of adjusting to life in a fishbowl but also the difficult lesson of controlling his burgeoning ego.

Dave already has a lot on his plate coping with trust difficulties and broken relationships, and now he has to worry about social media gaffes and would-be assailants trying to take advantage of his sudden fame.

Dave Season 3 Trailer

In keeping with Lil Dicky’s renowned surreal flair, FX unveiled the official teaser trailer for Season 3 of Dave on March 1, 2023. As Johnny Lee’s “Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places” plays in the background, the teaser follows the rapper’s hair as it rips through various environments.

As the video progresses, we see Lil Dicky and GaTa belting out the country song aboard a big pink tour bus as they speed down a muddy road. The bus comes dangerously close to crashing as tumbleweed pelts the glass. The trailer doesn’t reveal much about the next season, but it does hint at the rapper embarking on his first tour and the very diverse locations he will see.

On March 17, 2023, the official full-length trailer for Season 3 of Dave was released, giving us a better peek at the next season. A trip to the Met Gala is only one of many hilarious and monumental events teased in the video. Below, you may find it:

Dave Season 3 Episodes

As previously stated, April 5 saw the launch of the first two episodes of Season 3 of Dave. Thursday, April 6, 2023, was the day after the episodes were published for streaming on Hulu. Each Wednesday after the two-part debut, one of the last eight episodes of Season 3 aired on FXX; Thursdays after that, they were available on Hulu; and finally, on May 31 (June 1 on Hulu), the season concluded.

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