Where The Trail Ends Netflix?

Where The Trail Ends Netflix?

This week’s release, “Where the Trail Ends,” is a mountain climbing film I have been waiting to see. The two big-name cast members, Will Smith & Kate Winslet, would have made me want to watch this but what got me hooked was the actual story of three climbers’ lives and how they died trying to summit a mountain in the Himalayas range.

In 2008, three young men from Aspen, Colorado, arrived in India for an expedition about Mt. Meru, located between Tibet and India.

Conrad Anker, Jimmy Chin, and Renan Ozturk, photographer Cory Richards accompanied. What started as a journey towards achieving their dream goal became a nightmare when things went south on them without any warning whatsoever!

Their journey would have been much easier if they had taken the “easy” route to climb. They instead chose to take on one of the most dangerous routes up Meru, known as the Shark’s Fin.

Even though it is just a film, watching the story of these climbers makes you want to be an adventurer yourself and go out there exploring new places. These climbers are trained for this stuff, but things went wrong even after being well prepared!

The film shows us what happens when everything falls apart in your life! You might have lived all your life trying to avoid trouble, only to fail miserably because fate decides otherwise.

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