When can we expect the third season of the series, Power Book II: Ghost?

When can we expect the third season of the series, Power Book II: Ghost?

Power Book II: Ghost, the sequel and spin-off to Power, completed its second season in February 2022, and viewers can’t wait for the third season yet!

The crime drama series by Courtney A Kemp was produced by Starz, its first season in 2020 and the second in 2021.

By when can we expect its third season?

The confirmed dates haven’t been announced yet, but if the series follows the same releasing patterns, then season 3 can be expected in November or December.

Yet, there is no news to give the final dates.

Although Courtney A Kemp handled the season, now the showrunner will be Brett Mahoney.

What was Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 all about?

The second season of the series, Power Book II: Ghost, stars Micheal Rainey Jr. as Tarid St. Patrick and how he had been running from the consequences of killing his professor, Jabari Reynolds.

As he turns to take help, many, including him, are striving hard to save their own lives. 

We had Mecca, a drug dealer, adopting Cane, and Tariq was handling school, trying to contact his mother in witness protection. 

Things kept getting messier for Monet, and she was trying to support Zeke’s basketball career.

As things get even messier, in the end, we find out about Mecca’s death and how Lorenzo didn’t say a word about himself killing Zeke. 

Tariq’s case is dismissed, but his heart breaks at his girlfriend Lauren’s death. 

What was the cast of Power Book II: Ghost, Season 2?

Micheal Rainey Jr. plays the legendary Tariq St. Patrick., Mary J Blige plays the cunning Monet,  Woody Mclain plays the hot-tempered Cane, Lovell Adams- Gray, Daniel Bellomy, Gianni Paolo, Paige Hurd, Shane Johnson, and many more are part of the list.

This crime and thriller series got an impressive 7.1/ 10 from IMDb and the cheers from the audience!


While we wait for the third season, we relieve Mecca’s fierce quote from season 2, “A goal without a plan is just a wish, right?”

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