What Is The PH Of Diet Coke?

What Is The PH Of Diet Coke?

The pH levels of your drinks may seem like a trivial concern. After all, who cares about the number beside the drink name when there aren’t any numbers you have to memorize except for 0 and 14? These two numbers are so significant in science that they have entries in your average dictionary definition (and if you’re reading this article, you’ve got access to one).

Either way, people should care about their pH level because it can tell them a lot about what’s going on with their bodies. The pH scale is frankly simplistic; ten is ten times as acidic as nine, nine is nine times as sour as eight, and so on until we get to seven, neutral. Soda has a low pH, which means that it is highly acidic.

What is the pH Level of Diet Coke?

Diet soda, and sodas in general, have a low pH level because there is carbonic acid. Carbonic acid forms when carbon dioxide comes into contact with water. It breaks down quickly, though, so it needs some help from phosphoric acid to keep going strong.

Phosphoric acid also slows scale growth inside pipes and corrosion on metal surfaces that come into contact with your drink. Most diet sodas contain phosphoric acid, but not all of them do. Some sweeteners interfere with the production of phosphoric acid and can make a big difference for people who need lower pH levels.

The Diet Coke pH Level:

Diet coke has a pH level of 2.80, which means that it is highly acidic. This means that you should be cautious when drinking diet soda because some severe effects can happen if you drink too much of it without replacing lost minerals.

Diet sodas don’t contain enough sodium to counterbalance the acids as regular Coca-Cola does, so for this reason, they are bad for teeth and bones; carbonic acid dissolves calcium in your body’s water supply while phosphoric acid competes with your stomach enzymes for buffers (like sodium bicarbonate). These two factors make it difficult for your kidneys to undo the damage once you’ve consumed too much diet soda. If you have any kidney stones or gout problems, you should avoid them altogether.

Indicators of Soda Acidity:

The taste of Diet Coke is due to the phosphoric acid that has a sour taste, which users find similar to ketchup, pickles, and jalapeno peppers. Pilferage occurs when someone drinks diet coke through a straw without using their teeth because the carbon dioxide dissolves in saliva (hydrogen ions) and raises the acidity in plaque (Hydrogen Carbonate).

Regular fizzy drinks are acidic; however, drinking them with food reduces this effect because there is more saliva produced during eating/ drinking, thereby reducing the impact of Erosion of tooth enamel by harmful bacteria like lactobacillus. The Ph of the tooth enamel is 5.5, so teeth are not broken down by acidity in food and drinks.

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