What Is The Maker’s Diet?

What Is The Maker’s Diet?

The Maker’s Diet

What is the Maker’s Diet?


Many people wonder what the requirements of The Maker’s Diet are. This means that you only eat foods available to your ancestors during Biblical times and will not eat any modern processed, artificial food (or as close as possible).

You avoid unnatural chemicals such as pesticides, fertilizers, hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, artificial flavors, and sweeteners; foods containing high fructose corn syrup; white sugar or refined grains like bleached flour. This diet also limits caffeine intake to a cup or two of coffee per day (no decaf), limits alcohol to one glass of red wine with dinner, limits salt intake, and requires all water to be spring water or at least filtered.

The only supplements recommended are a good multivitamin, extra vitamin C, and calcium.

The basics of the diet:

The basic requirements of this diet are to eat whole foods – meaning fresh, non-processed food – and avoid all processed or refined foods or anything that contains added chemicals or sugars or is even mildly altered natural state.

Page 96 of his book lists examples of foods you can eat, so it’s straightforward to follow once you have the book in hand! The key points are not white sugar, flour/white bread/pasta/rice, cow dairy products, caffeine (coffee & black teas), alcohol (one glass of red wine with dinner), refined salt, and anything processed.

The first two weeks of the diet involve removing all forms of sugar. It’s tough at first, but it gets easier as you go along! He also recommends that people not start this program on Mondays or Fridays because some may find it too challenging to be suitable for five days out of the week right away. He suggests starting on any other day instead.

The makers diet phase 1 food list:

You will have to stick to a detailed food list during this phase. This is the beginning of your journey, and you need to follow these instructions carefully for at least three weeks. We recommend that you go with 100% compliance from day one itself.

If one meal has been consumed outside, the regime works against you. So make sure you are armed with all the proper knowledge before taking on this diet plan. Here is what you can eat during the first week:

Cereal – Mix of Oatmeal and Chia Seeds Grains – Brown rice, Quinoa Vegetables – Broccoli, Cauliflower Fruits – Apple, Pear Animal Protein – Chicken Breast, Tuna or Dairy – Plain Yogurt Nuts and Seeds – Almonds, Cashews Spices & Dressings – Garlic, Lemon juice Beverages – Water

Phase 2 of the Maker’s Diet:

Following phase 1, you need to stay on the same food list for another 14 days. On average, it is recommended that this phase be followed for a month itself. During this phase, many people have seen a dramatic change in their health status.

Here is what you can eat during phase 2:

Cereal – Mix of Oatmeal and Quinoa Grains – Wild Rice Vegetables – Carrot, Tomato Fruits – Banana Animal Protein – Turkey Breast Nuts and Seeds- Walnuts Spices & Dressings- Basil leaves- Herbal Tea or Green Tea Beverages – Herbal or Green Tea

Phase 3 of the Maker’s Diet

The final phase can be taken if you have completed one month on your diet. This is the most exciting phase where you may introduce food items that were not present in either 1 or 2.

Here is what you can eat during this third week:

Cereal – Millet Grains – Barley Vegetables- Spinach, Celery Fruits- Blueberry Animal Protein – Pork Nuts and Seeds- Flaxseeds Spices & Dressings – Nutmeg Beverages – Caffeinated Beverage like Coffee or Black Tea

After going through all three phases, you need to go back to phase 1 for a second round. After completing this round, you can slowly go back to phase 3 and then phase 2. The goal should be to end up on a sustainable diet over the long run. Make sure you are not following this diet for more than two months without any breaks. We would suggest that two rounds of this diet plan be followed in a year.

If you are the person who needs prompt results, you should start with phase 1 itself. There is no need to stay on the other phases if your goal is weight loss or detoxification of the body. This way you will get good results within the first month itself. Just make sure that at least one meal has been taken from outside during this time penalty makers’ogre’ progress caused by the maker’s diet!

The maker’s diet supplements:

There are no supplements to be had during the Maker’s Diet. However, you need to take specific vitamin and mineral supplements every day. He ensures that your body is not deficient in any particular areas.

Ou can get more information by searching for “the Makers diet supplement” online.

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