What Is The Blue Box Diet

What Is The Blue Box Diet

The Blue Box Diet is a diet designed to help you lose weight and increase your speed while swimming. It was designed by British Swimming team coach James “Jimmy” James Hickman in 2008, and since then, the blue box has become an essential part of every competitive swimmer’s diet who wants to go faster in the water.

The swimming community has widely known for being different from other diets because it recommends eating 6-7 times a day at regular intervals rather than cutting down on portions or starving yourself. The idea behind this is that if you follow the blue box diet correctly, you will have plenty of energy all day long, which will help to improve your performance when training racing.

This inspired me to research more about the blue box diet and find out precisely what it is, how often you should eat, and what foods you’re allowed to have.

To better understand my experiment, I have put together a menu that breaks down every meal into its section. Each meal has been split into core elements which consist of a list of approved foods for intake in your diet with a short explanation as to why this particular food has been chosen.

Also included with each element is a daily breakdown of how many carbohydrates, fat, protein, and fiber each portion contains, making each day’s recommended calorie allowance easily identifiable when reading through the entire plan.

Every day during my eight-week trial, I will aim to eat six or seven equally balanced meals a day that follows this diet’s core principles. Each meal will also contain at least one portion from each food group.

These are my initial thoughts on making this work for me, and I will reevaluate my plan every week once the trial starts to make any amendments or adjustments during the experiment.

Blue box weight loss:

The Blue Box Diet was created to help athletes lose weight without sacrificing valuable energy. The diet plan also encourages healthy eating habits, which can be maintained throughout life to achieve overall good health.

It is recommended that you should only use the blue box diet if you are over 11 stone in weight; if you are lighter, then normal calorie allowance levels will need to be adjusted for this plan to work correctly.

This is because low body fat % will require more calories for your body to function normally. If you are around 14-15 stone or heavier, there is no specific limit on how much weight you wish to lose using this diet, but it must be understood that losing weight too fast can result in muscle wastage rather than fat loss.

The Blue Box Diet comprises six or seven small meals per day that should be evenly balanced and contain a portion from each food group. The diet revolves around the three main macronutrients: carbohydrates, protein, and fats, with each meal having one or more of these.

Carbohydrates are essential for providing your body with energy throughout the day; proteins help repair and build muscle tissue, while fats provide essential fatty acids and help slow down the digestion of carbohydrate-rich foods. These nutrients are necessary for overall good health, not just for athletes looking to improve their performance.

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