West Coast Customs Season 9 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

West Coast Customs Season 9 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The American reality television program West Coast Customs is set in Burbank, California. Ryan Friedlinghaus is the producer. The television program is entertaining and worthy of family viewing.

The program is all about automobile customization. In 2007, the program was titled Street Customs. Since then, the program has had two moniker changes and four network changes.

West Coast Customs was a reality television program about automobile customization. The location of the performance is Burbank, California.

The West Coast Customs Exhibition has undergone numerous transformations. The show’s moniker in 2007 was Street Customs.

The names of street customs and networks changed twice and four times, respectively. Inside West Coast Customs was reinstated and renamed Discovery in February 2011.

It contained eleven episodes. In 2013, Fox Sports Network assumed responsibility for the program and deleted “Inside” from the title.

In 2017, Velocity Channel reclaimed responsibility for the program and reinstated the name “Inside” for the program. Currently, there are an aggregate of eight seasons.

Justin Bieber, Mark Wahlberg, Shaquille O’Neal, and Conan O’Brien make special guest appearances on the program.

This exhibition includes the construction of a Cadillac for Shaquille O’Neal, a Cadillac CTS-V over Justin Bieber, and a customized Range Rover to feed a member of the Royal Family of Dubai.

West Coast Customs has a reality program about the restoration of four-wheelers. The plot focuses on Ryan Friedlinghaus as well as his staff.

They are reorganizing the car maker in a way that will result in a wholly customized vehicle.

Despite receiving conflicting evaluations, the program was popular enough to have eight successful seasons.

The most recent season broadcast almost four years ago. Therefore, the lengthy delay for Season 9 of West Coast Customs tortures devotees.

West Coast Customs serves as a reality-based series that focuses primarily on the redesign of four-wheelers.

It focuses on Ryan Friedlinghausm as well as the team at West Coast Customs while they transform standard company-model vehicles into remarkable, completely customized vehicles.

West Coast Customs Season 9 Release Date

Let’s discuss its most anticipated release: the ninth season. Season 9 of West Coast Customs has not yet been renewed.

The new season would presumably premiere in 2020. COVID-19 had a global impact, and the program was no exception.

The pandemic affected multiple shows, including this one. The pandemic disrupted all production schedules. As conditions improved in 2021, movie shootings and schedules resumed operations.

Since then, a steady influx of novel material has been published. The program has not yet shown any signs of renewal.

No release date have been set for the next season as of yet. However, this does not indicate that the program has been terminated.

Currently, the program could be going on a hiatus. However, the release for a new season is imminent. As soon as the program is officially renewed, the trailer will be made available.

West Coast Customs Season 9 Cast

Ryan Friedlinghaus is a co-founder of the auto maintenance business West Coast Customs. He is the series’ primary protagonist.

Ryan is a member of the West Coast Customs crew. Quinton Dodson is also the shop’s co-founder and the main character in the program.

The auto repair business West Coast Customs was founded by Ryan Friedlinghaus and Quinton Dodson in 1994.

They are the show’s main ensemble members. Every new episode introduces a new customer to the business.

Occasionally, these clients are not commonplace individuals, but rather well-known personalities or established businesses.

The show has featured well-known companies such as Skype, eBay, Fiat automobiles, and Warner Brothers.

The program has also featured numerous luminaries, including Justin Bieber, Conan O’Brien, Shaquille O’Neal, and Mark Wahlberg.

West Coast Customs Season 9 Trailer

West Coast Customs Season 9 Plot

The program is all about vehicle customization. The two aspects of the program that stimulate viewers and make it worthwhile to watch are the vehicles along with the transformation process.

Throughout the entirety of the series, Ryan and Quinton transformed a variety of vehicles into improved, more thrilling, completely customized, one-of-a-kind models to feed celebrities and corporations.

These two elements had effectively captured the interest of well-established businesses and renowned personalities.

Everyone adores their automobiles. Nonetheless, this program has increased people’s affection for their vehicles by changing them into more exhilarating and enthralling models.

You must have viewed this series if you are an automotive enthusiast. The focus of the exhibition is the redesign of automobiles.

In the program, spectators were able to see how automobiles could be transformed into exquisite models.

Fans have appreciated the individualized customization of automobiles. Celebrity appearances increased the show’s prominence even further.

In conclusion, the series’ unique selling proposition is the exclusive customization that turns the automobiles into superior variants.

If you’ve seen the show, you probably already know what it’s about. This program concentrates on modifying automobiles.

The most thrilling aspect of this program is witnessing the transformation of automobiles and the end result of this process.

Throughout all eight seasons, the duo Ryan and Quinton have adapted and customized a large number of vehicles for their consumers, making them better, more exciting, and more distinct.

The appearance of personalities and corporations also captured the attention of the audience.

Numerous individuals are automobile enthusiasts, and this program piques their interest. The transformation of their vehicles into a brand-new, thrilling model seems to increase their affection for them over time.

To get some one-on-one time for the star, whose shop has done exclusive custom builds for “Pimp My Ride” on MTV, “Street Customs” on TLC, “Street Customs Berlin” on TLC, and “Inside West Coast Customs” on Velocity, the line of fans extended well into the aisle.

A procession of admirers extended down the aisle to meet Friedlinghaus. Friedlinghaus stated that Evercoat has been a longtime product partner of West Coast Customs.

“Evercoat offers incredible products and prompt shipping. They are a one-stop shop for our fabrication requirements.”


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