Welcome to Eden Season 2: Confirmed Release Date, Cast, And Other Updates

Netflix seems to have made extensive use of the content available in several languages. And now, after a string of successful film and TV releases, they’ve given us “Bienvenidos an Edén,” or “Welcome to Eden,” in Spanish. Netflix dropped the news in a teaser trailer that also provided a clue as to what the project would be about. Internet users are speculating that “Welcome to Eden” is a combination of the songs “Euphoria” and “Elite.”

In the Spanish science fiction drama series Welcome to Eden, five stunning young ladies are invited to the most exclusive of parties. An enjoyable trip rapidly becomes an unforgettable experience. Asking, “Are you happy? With this question, a new beverage business invites Zoa and four other young, attractive social media influencers to the most exclusive party ever held on a remote island. What seemed at first like a fantastic adventure ends up being the journey of a lifetime. While it may seem like paradise, things aren’t always as they seem in “Greetings from Eden.”

Welcome to Eden Season 2 Renewal Status

The second season of Welcome to Eden premiered on Netflix on May 25, 2022. Netflix claims that the program has maintained a high position in its worldwide Top 10 list for non-English television.

The program debuted at number two and quickly up the ranks. The next week, the program was once again the most watched on television. By week 3, it had fallen to second place, although that was still rather high. In its fourth week, the program finished the first month at No. 4 on the list. There were a total of 131,310,000,000,000 minutes spent watching the program in its first month on the streaming service. What a remarkable achievement!

Welcome to Eden Season 2 Cast

  • Amaia Aberasturi as Zoa
  • Berta Castañé as Gaby
  • Albert Baró as Aldo
  • Amaia Salamanca as Astrid
  • Begoña Vargas as Bel
  • Sergio Momo as Nico
  • Belinda as África
  • Lola Rodríguez as Maika
  • Guillermo Pfening as Erik
  • Ana Mena as Judith
  • Berta Vázquez as Claudia
  • Dariam Coco as Eva
  • Irene Dev as Alma
  • Tomy Aguilera as Charly
  • Alex Pastrana as Ulises
  • Diego Garisa as Ibón
  • Jason Fernández as David
  • Óscar Foronda as Ernesto
  • Josean Bengoetxea as Pete
  • Joan Pedrola as Orson
  • Carlos Soroa as Eloy
  • Ana Wagener as Brisa
  • Eudald Font
  • Claudia Trujillo as Brenda
  • Blanca Romero as Roberta
  • César Mateo as Lucas
  • Lucía Guerrero as Danae
  • Carlos Torres
  • Nona Sobo

Welcome to Eden Season 2 Plot

Zoa’s departure from the island and her hunt for her sister Gabi will likely drive the plot of Welcome to Eden season 2. Two questions for Zoa, the show’s protagonist, drove the first season. One pressing concern is whether or not she will ever leave the island. The second concern was whether or not she would find out what had become of her sister Gabi. Towards the conclusion of the first season, we saw Zola on a boat, presumably on her way from the island for good. But now that she’s seen someone who may be her sister on the island, would she keep running or turn back? The latter is the explanation, in our opinion.

Meanwhile, it looked that Charly and Zoa, who had tried an audacious escape, had successfully boarded the boat. Like Zoa, we worry that things won’t go as smoothly with her departure from paradise. The second season will reveal what happened to Africa after she set off an alarm and was trapped in Astrid and Erika’s high-tech room, and we’ll see Ibón deal with the consequences of killing Ulises in self-defense in the season 1 finale.

The previous season was full of excitement

Season one was packed with surprises, including the greatest one at the very end. Upon boarding the boat that would transport her to freedom, Zoa saw her sister Gabi making her way toward the island. After spending the whole season trying to locate her missing sister, Gabi seems to be one of the new island residents.

Is Zoa going to board the boat, or will she return to try to save her sister? What does the mysterious space signal mean? Will Africa find out and be held responsible for the costs? Moreover, why was the Eden Foundation established, anyway? In season two, we expect to find out the answers to all of these questions.

Welcome to Eden Season 2 Release Date

The time has come at last! Welcome to Eden’s second season premieres over a year after the series was extended for a second season in May 2022, after the huge popularity of the first season, which amassed a phenomenal 131,310,000 million watching hours.

Season 2 of Welcome to Eden returns to Netflix next Friday, April 21, 2023, much to the surprise of readers everywhere. No one saw this coming, but it seems like Netflix is off to a great start for the summer streaming season. Like the streaming platform’s other original shows and movies, it will premiere at 12:00 a.m. (PT) or 3:00 a.m. (ET) to coincide with international audiences.

Where can I watch Welcome to Eden Season 2?

Since the first season debuted on Netflix, fans understandably anticipate that the second season will also be made accessible via the streaming service. Netflix has announced the premiere date and published a short trailer for their next Spanish science fiction series, “Welcome to Eden.”

Welcome to Eden Season 2 Episodes

It is still unclear how many episodes will make up season 2 of Welcome to Eden. However, we anticipate additional eight episodes, each clocking in at about 30 to 40 minutes. Once the official episode count is determined, we will let you know.

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