We have seen the first chapters of ‘Sex Education’ and this is what we found

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  • The season 2 from ‘Sex Education’ comes to Netflix on January 17.
  • You already have the trailer available, before its release date.

    After the great learning we acquired after seeing the first installment of ‘Sex Education’ We didn't expect less from the second! And so it has been, it has not let us down in any of the aspects. We were able to see the first chapters of it before its arrival release date, January 17, and here goes our review. We promise for all the orgasms in the world that we will not do you any spoilers.

    As you will remember, we leave Otis climaxing for the first time after many attempts at masturbation, starting a relationship with Ola and breaking Maeve's heart (releasing a new ‘look’), which turns out that she did feel something for him. Tremendous drama On the other hand, the thing between Eric and Adam does not end, as the latter goes to a military academy. Drama x2. But let's not take out the scarves yet! That this has only just begun.

    The new season It begins with a new course at the Moordal Institute, where the first day chaos reigns because of an alleged epidemic of chlamydia. Yes, as if everyone had had relationships with everyone and had infected each other. Obviously, it is not real and the great disinformation existing in sexual education education centers is evident. (Pss. Here you have the first review). At this moment it comes into play Jean, providing great points and, above all, knowledge about sex.

    However, having the mother and partner of the father of the protagonist's girlfriend will not be the only major addition we will have to the plot. A new French student also appears in the halls of the institute who, apart from taking his breath away from all the students, seems to have something with Eric. We are already thinking of a ‘shippeo’ for them, although we still trust that he has something with the director’s son …

    ‘Sex Education’: criticism of this wonderful season 2

    Although we do not stay here regarding news it is. In the first season, Otis and Maeve leave the "business" of the consultancy. In the second they return, with all the consequences that entails. They will come closer and it smells from here that we will have a kind of love triangle next to Ola. It is the first relationship that the protagonist has and, in spite of having begun to be able to masturbate – stay very well with this data because he will have moments in which you will die of laughter -, he has much to learn. How to stimulate a clitoris, for example. Hala, we've already released a ‘spoiler’ … but the liberation of female pleasure is such an important learning!

    Issues as conflictive today as sexual abuse and rape are also discussed, where Maeve's feminist movement is key in this regard. As they have not lost clarity and lack of taboos when talking about sex, diseases, homosexuality, bullying, etc. Of course, always making the tears in our face skip. Fact: Aimee and Lily are still full of this season 2 of ‘Sex Education’.

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