Wayne Season 2: Release Date, Cast, And More

In ‘Wayne,’ a young vigilante named Wayne travels from Brockton, Massachusetts, to Ocala, Florida, on his motorcycle with the girl he has loved named Del to recover his father’s stolen Pontiac Trans-Am. Shawn Simmons, the show’s creator, came up with the idea. When the first episode premiered on YouTube Premium in January 2019, it quickly became one of the most-watched series in the service’s history, with over 27 million total views.

Due to its engaging and original plot, excellent acting, diverse subjects, and exciting action sequences, the first season was favorably welcomed by both reviewers and viewers. It’s only natural that viewers would want to know when Season 2 of ‘Wayne’ will premiere, who has been cast, and any other news that may be available. What we know is as follows.

Wayne Season 2 Renewal Status

YouTube did not formally cancel the program. Rhett Reese, one of the show’s creators, clarified the situation in 2019 on Twitter: “Wayne wasn’t canceled, per. Instead, its network was shut down. So, in November 2020, the program was shifted to Amazon Prime Video. The show’s transfer to Amazon does not guarantee a season two. The renewal process has not been completed. Again, however, it’s not completely impossible.

It has been brought to our knowledge that the series’ actors and crew are actively lobbying for a second season. Both the showrunner and the cast of the program made social media posts promoting the show’s premiere on Amazon. They said that Amazon Prime viewership will play a role in whether or not a second season is ordered. That is, if the program does well on Amazon, a second season may be produced. And the team behind Wayne did get “good feedback from Amazon,” as co-writer Rhett Reese told Complex in December 2020, so the opportunity is there.

Wayne Storyline

Wayne is the name of a little child whose narrative takes place in Brockton, Massachusetts. The protagonists of this tale are a young man named Wayne and the girl he has a crush on named Del. Before Wayne’s father passed away, someone stole this 1979 Pontiac Trans Am. Wayne and Del are on the road to recovery of the vehicle.

Wayne Season 2 Cast and characters


  • Mark McKenna as Wayne McCullough Jr., a teenage boy who attempts to retrieve his late father’s stolen car.
  • Ciara Bravo as Delilah “Del” Luccetti, a girl from Brockton for whom Wayne develops feelings.


  • Stephen Kearin as Sergeant Stephen Geller
  • James Earl as Officer Jay Ganetti, aka “Cop a’ Soup”
  • Dean Winters as Bobby Luccetti, Del’s father
  • Jon Champagne as Carl Lucetti, Del’s brother
  • Jamie Champagne as Teddy Lucetti, Del’s brother
  • Mike O’Malley as Principal Tom Cole from Hagler High
  • Joshua J. Williams as Orlando Hikes, Wayne’s best friend
  • Francesco Antonio as Reggie, Wayne’s stepbrother
  • Kirk Ward as Calvin Clay, Wayne’s stepfather
  • Michaela Watkins as Maureen McNulty, Wayne’s mother
  • Sean Patrick Dolan as Darren
  • Thomas Mitchell Barnet as Scott
  • Patrick Gallagher as Mr. Hernandez, Wayne’s landlord
  • Maxwell McCabe-Lokos as Eric
  • Zoé De Grand’Maison as Jenny
  • Odessa Adlon as Trish
  • Akiel Julien as Gill
  • Jack Foley as Orande
  • Harrison Tanner as Stick

Wayne Season 2 Plot

To recover his father’s stolen Trans-Am, Wayne and Del, the one lady who seems to enjoy his damaged and awkward character, go on a road trip in the pilot. Events that took occurred throughout this boring and terrifying trip are detailed here, along with plenty of comic relief. At the conclusion of Season 1, the police come and whisk Wayne away to take him back to Brockton to face the legal ramifications of his actions. Del’s father and brothers pull her away from Wayne, and she believes she will never see him again.

Wayne and his exploits have set a high standard for a prospective second season after viewers experienced a rollercoaster of romance, violence, fear, loneliness, and a lot of blood in the first. Wayne and Deliah’s season 1 concludes on a sad note for them personally. The producers have said that Wayne’s placement in a juvenile detention facility will kick off Season 2 of the black comedy.

Wayne’s biggest pet peeve is the unfair treatment of others. He must take initiative to right this error. If the show is revived, it will be exciting to watch Wayne get out of the juvenile detention facility and attempt to right his wrongdoings. Simmons said, “The entire season is about Wayne attempting to go straight ahead, trying to win back Del, and discovering the tranquility he deserves.

Wayne Season 2 Release Date

Wayne, There is currently no set date for the premiere of Season 2. Fans may still hope for a new season because of the precedent it has established, but the program no longer has to prove itself in order to be renewed. The money, notoriety, and audience it attracted were more than sufficient. In addition, the narrative ended on a cliffhanger. Everything necessary for a renewal is met here.

Fans of the show have said that they can relate to Wayne and Del. This sets them apart from the competition and keeps viewers coming back for more. The two of them together make for a compelling watch, and when we add in the pain these men have through, it’s clear that the program has to be renewed for another season.

How many episodes could there be in Wayne season 2?

There were 10 episodes in Wayne’s previous season. As a result, assuming the producers stick to the same formula, season two might likewise include 10 episodes. There has been no formal announcement on this matter.

Wayne Season 1 Rating

Wayne, a YouTube Original series, was given an 8.4 by IMDb and a perfect score of 100% by Rotten Tomatoes. We learn about the challenges and complexities of Wayne and Del’s relationship via the show’s plot.

Where can I watch Wayne?

The pilot episode is available for viewing on Amazon Prime and YouTube Premium in the United States and the United Kingdom, respectively.

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