Water Retention In The Body

Water Retention In The Body

Your body can hold a large amount of water in it, but you have to ensure that the same does not lead to any health issues.

The problem of excess water retention can be addressed with the help of a simple massage technique called ‘panchakarma,’ which helps you fight against this problem and provides your body with much-needed freshness and rejuvenation.

Unexplained swelling of feet and hands is a common problem many people face today. This can happen due to some reasons such as unhealthy eating habits, hormonal changes, etc., but there is always one remedy that helps them get rid of this condition- Massage Therapy! This is because the massage improves blood circulation and helps to remove all toxins from the body, thereby reducing water retention.

water retention in the stomach:

water retention:

Muscle tissue is very porous, so if this thing happens, the stomach bloats up. This can also occur when one has eaten too much-waterlogged food or foods very high in salt content. Many people even put themselves to sleep during the night by taking a glass full of water just before sleeping; therefore, they wake up with an over-swollen stomach.

The reasons for bloating could be any or all, depending on the individual case history and symptoms you are having. It’s essential that you get checked by your dietitian to determine what could be your problem and then proceed accordingly. However, there are steps that you could take at home till you get yourself examined.

1) Drink plenty of water. It will help to squeeze out the excess water in your stomach, especially if you suffer from bloating after drinking too much of it or overeating salt-waterlogged food. Drink at least five glasses of water before bedtime every night and see what difference drinking enough fluids will make on your bloated tummy by morning.

2) Take a warm bath with Epsom Salt added to your bath water (at around 2 cups per full tub). Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate which helps to reduce inflammation, relaxes tense muscles, alleviates pain, and reduces soreness. It doesn’t work all the time, but if muscle cramps are caused by inflammation due to swelling, adding an anti-inflammatory element like Epsom salt is a good idea.

3) Take some Aloe Vera with Solidago Virgaurea, which are both specific to help you reduce your water retention and bloating. You can get these particular roots at herb shops or order them online.

Combining the two works is excellent because Aloe vera contains tannins that act as anti-inflammatory agents. At the same time, Solidago VV provides vitamins A & C, chlorophyll, flavonoids, and lipoic acid that help absorb minerals like magnesium into our bloodstream (that’s why it causes muscle cramps).

Also, try taking Hawthorne Leaf capsules with Dandelion Root capsules; they will also help relieve your discomfort caused by bloating. Try taking these two herbs for a week and see if they will help you get rid of your bloating and water retention.

4) Get to the root causes of it (to your menstrual cycle). If heavy bleeding, ovarian cysts, or hormonal disturbances are causing your stomach to swell up, then try taking Diuretic capsules which will ease any build-up of excess fluids in your body. Taking two doses for two weeks should provide enough relief.

5) Exercise at least 30 minutes per day, including some cardio workout like jogging or aerobics; this helps with the stress in our weight and helps us fight off most bloating, water retention, and inflammation too.

Water retention symptoms:

– Water retention in the stomach

– Sudden weight gain (without any change to diet or exercise regimen)

– Thirst and heartburn after eating spicy foods

water retention treatment:

1) As mentioned above, drink five glasses of water before bedtime; it’s time-consuming but works for many people.

2) Take a warm bath with Epsom salt added to your bath water at around 2 cups per full tub.

3) If you have bloating accompanied by cramps, then try taking Aloe Vera capsules with Solidago Virgaurea capsules, as they both contain elements that help reduce water retention and swelling.

4) Drink Hawthorne Leaf capsules with Dandelion Root capsules as they will also help relieve your discomfort caused by bloating.

5) add some exercise to your daily routine, like riding a bike, running. If you can’t do these because of joint and ligaments problems, then dancing will work too.

6) Some natural remedies for bloating include using a peppermint-scented dryer sheet on your belly while exercising. If you can’t run or walk because of a medical condition, then try to get a pedicure and a manicure at least once a month. The massage that comes with it will help relax your body and mind.

Water retention causes:

1) Drinking too much water; drink only when you are thirsty, not when the clock tells you to do so (yes, we’ve gotten old, but our bodies haven’t gotten used to drinking enormous amounts of water like Americans).

2) Swallowing too much salt in one go; try having smaller meals instead of stuffing yourself with huge portions.

3) Some genetic predisposition towards retaining water (ask your family if they also get bloated when their monthly cycle comes around).

4) Remain dehydrated for days because of an illness or flu.

5) Overeat food in one go; it may seem like the right thing to do when you’re starving but keep in mind that eating slowly will cause us to digest our meals better and reduce bloating.

6) Eating unhealthy foods like refined white sugar, white bread, etc., not only causes bloating but also leads to diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, cholesterol levels…the list can run on forever, so please try to avoid them; at all costs!

Water retention remedy:

– Do not drink lots of water when your stomach is empty

– Do not overeat food when you are starving. Have a small meal first to work up an appetite. Then have another small meal half an hour later. That way, your body will digest the food properly and not cause bloating or discomfort.

– Try eating smaller portions of food, but more often throughout the day, instead of three large meals that contribute nothing but calories to your weight gain.

– Don’t eat foods that contain refined sugar or white flour. Focus on whole grain products that are low in fat and high in fiber, like oatmeal, whole wheat bread, brown rice pasta, beans and lentils, potatoes with their skins on (they’re higher in nutrition than peeled ones), etc.

– Try drinking herbal teas like peppermint; they act as natural digestive aids and can often relieve bloating.

– Exercise regularly, at least 20 minutes every day (even if it’s just a short walk). Not only does exercise help you lose weight, but it can also reduce bloating by helping the body eliminate toxins more efficiently. It also keeps your muscles toned, which will give you better posture and shape.

water retention in feet:-

– Take a break. If you spend long hours on your feet (at work, house, or shopping), sit down and rub them now and then to release the fluid; but do not press too hard as it can cause blood clots to form in your veins.

– Massage oil into the soles of your feet before going to bed and slip into some thick socks. Wake up and see if there’s any difference! It is said that this simple home remedy will help reduce water retention overnight, though we’re not sure how true it is.

– During warmer months, try walking barefoot as much as possible as it helps improve circulation, which might also help with water retention problems.

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