WandaVision: the comic stories of Wiccan and Speed, the children of Scarlet

Wiccan and Speed, the twin sons of Wanda Maximoff and Vision (remaining on the basis of what is seen in the MCU series) are the undisputed protagonists of various theories about their nature and the role they will have in the last episodes of WandaVision. Also thanks to not being properly the leading characters of the House of Ideas (at the editorial level of course), we believe it is appropriate to give you a series of useful information to better understand who the two young superhumans are.

We will space a lot between the origins and the editorial growth of these two figures who, always remaining in the field of personal conjectures, have different narrative junctions in the future of the MCU between family vicissitudes and heroic deeds with other upcoming introductions such as Kamala Khan (A television series on Ms. Marvel for Disney Plus is also expected). In short, there is as always a lot of meat on the fire when it comes to Marvel.

Wiccan, manipulator of reality

Wiccan, whose real name is Billy, is a “young” character on the roster of the House of Ideas: in comics he was born in 2004 by Allan Heinberg and Jim Cheung. Son of Wanda Maximoff, he inherited from her the power to manipulate reality. He defines himself as a magician and his ability manifests itself in its full power only if the spell is uttered in its entirety.

He also knows how to teleport himself and other people, locate individuals through magical art, create force fields, induce illusions and levitate. Billy was born from the consequent use of magic by Wanda and her soul: due to vicissitudes related to Mephisto (we will talk about it later), he is reincarnated in the son of a human family: the Kaplan.

Billy Kaplan is also the founder of the Young Avengers, one of the most popular groups in recent years thanks to the constant desire for experimentalism by the authors and by various members who, we are sure, will be the undisputed protagonists also in the television or film counterpart.

As a Young Avenger he participates at the forefront of the most important and well-known narrative crossovers of the House of Ideas such as Civil War. He later backs Captain America, up to fight the Secret Invasion and the Dark Reign of the evil Norman Osborn.

Wiccan it is also a manifesto of the fight against homophobia due to its homosexual orientation: his relationship with Hulkling is now known in the Marvel Universe, so much so that it has been the subject of attention in the recent crossover event Empyre. Billy Kaplan, or Maximoff, is therefore one of the most representative figures of the so-called Fresh Start which for years has distinguished Marvel Comics: looking to the future by proposing figures suitable for current events.

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Speed, high speed runner

Sorry to say, but – compared to Wiccan – Speed ​​had a somewhat anonymous publishing career. As happened to his twin brother, Tommy he inherited a mutant power similar to that of his kinsman, his uncle Pietro: super speed. In fact, he can run almost on an equal footing with Quicksilver, thanks to his amazing speed he also runs on water and manages to create explosive whirlpools by twisting his arms. Also born from Allan Heinber and Jim Cheung, however, he appeared in 2006, two years later than his brother, right within the already consolidated headline de The Young Avengers. He too participates in the acclaimed Civil War, allying himself with the Captain America faction, to help the Runaways on a mission.

Just like Billy, Tommy too (due to Mephisto-related issues) is reincarnated in one of the children of another family, the Shepherds. Compared to Wiccan, however, after manifesting the first mutant powers, his adoptive parents decide to send him to a government laboratory to have him analyzed. And precisely from his release by the Young Avengers, the synergy with the young team of heroes is born.

Wanda, Mephisto and the souls of the Maximoff Twins

This is not the article that will talk about the origins and the figure of Mephisto, one of the most eclectic characters created by Stan Lee e John Buscema (precisely in 1968). Here, however, we will explain the reason why everyone, episode after episode, is now certain of the presence of the Devil in WandaVision. A supervillain with almost unlimited powers, so much so that he can influence both mortals and gods like Thor and clearly outclass Wanda’s manipulative power. In fact, it is linked to the latter due to a cruel story, with repercussions that we have already covertly described: drives the Witch mad by reabsorbing, shortly after time, the souls of her children on a whim and nothing more.

The reason? Wanda, unable to generate of her own free will, also uses a part of the power of the Lord of the Underworld to give life to Billy and Tommy without considering, however, that, as said over and over again by Mephisto, every desire has a price to pay. Well, without going into detail (since Kang and Vision also focus in this speech, and we won’t tell you anything else so as not to ruin any reading or twists in WandaVision) the result is that the souls of the two Maximoff twins, following of the unbridled struggle between Wanda and the Devil, they reincarnate as two unsuspecting mortals.

A dramatic story, with an equally painful ending for the Witch that can best explain the bond between WandaVision and Mephisto. An event that maybe will also happen on the finale of the show produced by Marvel Studios.


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