Versailles Season 4: Will It Ever Return?

Premiering on Outro Network in Canada on November 16, 2015, is the television series Versailles. Both Michel Corriveau and NOIA contributed to its creation. There have been a total of 30 episodes in the three seasons of this show. Jalil Lespert, Thomas Vincent, Christoph Schrewe, Mike Barker, Richard Clark, Peter Van Heese, Daniel Roby, Louis Choquette, and Edward Bazalgette are responsible for the show’s direction. David Wolstencroft and Simon Mirren are the show’s creators. Anna Brewster, Tygh Runyan, Amira Casar, Noémie Schmidt, Sarah Winter, Stuart Bowman, Evan Williams, and George Blagden also star.

The narrative time period is 1667. The French monarch Louis XIV has grand designs for the world’s grandest palace. As he begins making preparations to construct the palace, he faces challenges stemming from political intrigues, affairs, and a depleted budget. Here we see a king 28 years old who is completely focused on his mission and prepared to succeed no matter the cost.

Versailles Season 4 Renewal Status

The season four conclusion of Versailles aired on BBC Two on August 6, 2018. We were left wondering about the future of Louis XV’s reign and the popular period play. The reality is that Season 3 of Versailles was the series’ final edition. Fabric de la Patelliere, the head of fiction at Canal Plus, confirmed the story. The French version of Versailles can be seen on Canal Plus.

Patelliere provided supporting evidence, such as the fact that Versailles was designed to depict Louis XIV’s rise to power in a coming-of-age story. His chronicles detailed how he used the construction of Versailles to consolidate power over his nobility. If you watched the season finale, “The Legacy,” you know that Versailles was finally closed at the end and that Louis was between the ages of 46 and 47. These events caused the French Revolution to occur. The producers claim they successfully communicated their message, which culminated at Versailles.

Why are there no more seasons of Versailles?

The declining number of viewers supposedly led to the show’s cancellation. Fans both praised and criticized the show for its explicit sexual content. Exclusively for, actress Jenny Platt discussed her role as Jeanne, Louis XVI’s shoemaker and a tough woman who speaks up for Paris’s poor.

She reminisced, “I remember when I was watching the first couple of series at home, I was a bit like, “Oh, this is a bit racey,” and now, actually, when I’m watching it, I just think, “Well, it’s fine; it is just bodies, just bodies doing things, and I think French people find it quite weird what a massive splash it made when it first came out. “People were up in arms about how racy it was, and people in France were like, ‘I don’t understand, it is just bodies, people have sex, I don’t understand?’” However, the end of Versailles was inevitable.

Versailles Storyline

The plot is based on the real-life ambitions of King Louis XIV to surround himself with as many opulent palaces and magnificent structures as possible. As a result of their leader’s actions, the populace began defying his mandates. and because he planned to relocate the imperial court to the City of Love, Paris. He took it upon himself to forcibly remove his father’s palace, which led to widespread public opposition and a near-civil war in his realm.

Versailles Season Cast and characters



  • George Blagden as Louis XIV, King of France
  • Alexander Vlahos as Monsieur Philippe I, Duke of Orléans, brother of the king
  • Tygh Runyan as Fabien Marchal, the king’s chief of police
  • Stuart Bowman as Alexandre Bontemps, valet of the king
  • Amira Casar as Béatrice, Madame de Clermont
  • Evan Williams as Chevalier de Lorraine, lover of the Duke of Orléans
  • Noémie Schmidt as Henrietta of England, first wife of Phillipe
  • Anna Brewster as Françoise-Athénaïs, Marquise de Montespan, the king’s favorite mistress
  • Sarah Winter as Louise de La Vallière
  • Suzanne Clément as Madame Agathe
  • Catherine Walker as Madame Scarron / Madame de Maintenon
  • Elisa Lasowski as Marie-Thérèse, Queen Consort of France
  • Maddison Jaizani as Béatrice’s daughter Sophie de Clermont, later the Duchesse de Cassel
  • Jessica Clark as Elizabeth Charlotte, Princess of the Palatinate, Philippe’s second wife
  • Pip Torrens as the Duke de Cassel
  • Harry Hadden-Paton as Gaston de Foix
  • Greta Scacchi as Madeleine de Foix


  • Lizzie Brocheré as Claudine Masson, a midwife who becomes the king’s physician
  • Steve Cumyn as Jean-Baptiste Colbert, Minister of Finance
  • Gilly Gilchrist as Jacques
  • Dominique Blanc as Anne of Austria
  • Joe Sheridan as François-Michel le Tellier, Marquis de Louvois
  • Geoffrey Bateman as Jacques-Bénigne Bossuet
  • Ken Bones as Cardinal Leto
  • Thierry Harcourt as André Le Nôtre
  • Anatole Taubman as Montcourt
  • Alexis Michalik as Louis, Duke of Rohan
  • George Webster as William of Orange
  • Mark Rendall as Thomas Beaumont
  • Ned Dennehy as Father Étienne
  • James Joint as Father Pascal
  • Matthew McNulty as Guillaume, a cobbler who serves in the army under Philippe
  • Jenny Platt as Jeanne, Guillaume’s sister

Versailles Season 4 Release Date

Unfortunately, on August 6, 2018, BBC Two aired the final episode of season three of Versailles. Even before the third season premiered, it was known that it was going to be the final one. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the show ended after only three of its planned four seasons.

Versailles Season 4 Shooting Location

Versailles The entire series was shot in and around Paris, with the Palace of Versailles serving as the series’ primary location. Versailles is around 12 miles west of Paris. The series was shot all across Paris in historic mansions. The series was shot at many locations in the city of Paris, including the Chateau da Pierrefonds, Vaux le Vicomte, and Chateau da Masions-Laffitte. All of these are widely recognized as examples of exceptional architecture.

Will Versailles return?

The short answer is no. The cast has confirmed that Season 3 of Versailles is indeed the series’ final installment and that there will be no Season 4. After four seasons of production, it was confirmed in April that season three of Versailles would be it’s last.

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