Vampire In The Garden Season 2 Release Date: Is It Renewed Or Canceled?

The ‘Vampire in the Garden’ anime series on Netflix was created by the same studio responsible for ‘Spy Family,’ Wit Studio. The plot revolves around a planet where humans and vampires have lived in relative peace until a battle breaks out. It was the start of an interminable struggle that nearly wiped out humanity before the survivors rallied and took back control. Amidst the mayhem, the vampire queen and a young girl had an unexpected encounter that sparked their hopeful search for a paradise where the two groups might once again form peaceful ties.

There have been too many deaths on both sides for most people to embrace such a plan, which is unfortunate. There have been a lot of nice reviews online, and the narrative of hope and peace despite bloodshed and destruction has captured the interest of the anime fandom. Following the finale of the pilot, viewers naturally want to know if they can expect a second season. If you’re wondering the same thing, you’re in luck because we have the answers.

Vampire In The Garden Season 2 Renewal Status

There is currently no information regarding Vampire in the Garden Season 2. There were no loose ends at the end of the first season, and the tale was satisfactorily finished, therefore the likelihood of a second season is low. With only 5 episodes, Vampire in the Garden comes closer to the definition of a limited series, and neither Wit Studio nor Netflix has made any announcements on the show’s future on either service.

Vampire In The Garden Season 2 Release Date

If you’re looking for a dramatic dark fantasy anime, Vampire in the Garden might be up your alley. With only five episodes ranging in length from 26 minutes to 30 minutes, this anime series is perfect for binge-watching because it combines dark fantasy with drama. Therefore, many anime viewers have finished the series in a single sitting and are wondering if Vampire in the Garden will return for a second season.

Since neither Netflix nor Wit Studio have provided an update on the status of the anime, it is still unknown whether or not a second season of Vampire in the Garden will ever be released. Given that it has just been a day after Vampire in the Garden was published, it is plausible that Netflix is simply waiting for the proper time to make the announcement that it will be renewing the series.

Netflix typically evaluates a show’s performance in terms of viewership for four weeks before determining whether or not to renew it. A second season of Vampire in the Garden could premiere in the middle or latter part of 2023 if the show is renewed in the next month or two.

Vampire In The Garden Storyline

This is a horror-tinged dark fantasy anime about a conflict between vampires and humans, and the subsequent human retreat to a city protected by a wall of light. The story’s young human protagonist, Momo, meets the vampire queen, Fine, by happenstance, and the two of them embark on a quest to achieve harmony and peace for their respective species. Both Fine and Momo are being hunted by members of their own race, and they must overcome many dangers and obstacles on their way to the legendary land where vampires and humans live in peace.

Vampire In The Garden Season 2 Cast

  • Momo Voiced by: Megumi Han(Japanese); Xanthe Huynh(English)
    A human teenager and trainee soldier who struggles with the constant war between humans and vampires.
  • Fine Voiced by: Yū Kobayashi(Japanese); Larissa Gallagher(English)
    Queen of the Vampires resists her role as Queen and wishes the war would end.
  • Allegro Voiced by: Chiaki Kobayashi(Japanese); Paul Castro Jr.(English)
    Fine’s childhood friend and loyal servant.
  • Nobara Voiced by: Rika Fukami(Japanese); Lipica Shah(English)
    Momo’s mother and General of the human army.
  • Kubo Voiced by: Hiroki Tōchi(Japanese); Connor Fogarty(English)
    Nobara’s brother and uncle to Momo.

Vampire In The Garden Season 2 Plot

Kubo and Allegro travel to the town where vampires and humans coexist in the season 1 finale. As the conflict escalates into widespread violence, the vampire queen has no choice but to administer the lethal medicine to Momo in an effort to keep her safe. She comes close to killing Kubo, but ultimately decides against it, dispelling his fears that all vampires are heartless monsters.

Although Momo and Fiine make it out of the fight alive, Fiine ultimately succumbs to the drug. Momo accepts her friends’ terrible deaths and finds solace in the Paradise she and Fiine often discussed in the after-credits scene.

The fate of the human-vampire battle that has resulted in countless fatalities may be revealed in season 2 of the show. Momo may have finally arrived in her Paradise, but it’s quite improbable that the two groups can start getting along again and living peacefully any time soon. The hatred could also spark attacks on areas where vampires and humans have been coexisting peacefully. While Fiine dies in the first book, her resurrection as the vampire queen is also not out of the question.

Vampire In The Garden Season 2 Trailer

Vampire in the Garden Season 2 has not been confirmed, which means there has been no new trailer for the show. In the meantime, if you haven’t seen the first season yet, you can catch a glimpse of it in the trailer below.

Where to watch Vampire In The Garden Season 2?

Netflix subscribers can watch “Vampire in the Garden.” Since Season 2 has not been officially announced, its release platform is unknown at this time.

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