Unfortunate for Fans – Daredevil Season 4 will not be renewed!! Find Out Why!

We feel sorry to break this sad news to all the fans of this amazing and exciting series, “Daredevil”. But unfortunately, it is true that “Daredevil” is not more likely to happen due to some reasons. The series will not be renewed for its next season 4. It is a fact that this American television web series has lost a large number of battles for its recreation.

Marvel’s “Daredevil”, one of the best series to watch on Netflix, is based on a Marvel comic character named Daredevil. All the viewers became the fan of the series when it first did launch on 10 April 2015. It was indeed a treat for all the Marvel movie fans to watch the series based on a Marvel comic character. The series has grown such popularity with each fascinating and interesting season. However, the series is not going to be premiering its 4th season.

What is the reason behind the cancellation of “Daredevil” season 4?

If you have watched the previous season of the series “Daredevil” i.e. Season 3. Then it is sure that you did experience many thrilling moments in the entire season. But it is surprising that the viewership statistic reports differently and that too negatively. According to the report, season 3 of the series has lost 57 percent of viewership than it was in 2nd season. It is more than half of the viewership which is maybe the reason behind season 4 unlikely to happen.

Charlie Cox AKA Matt Murdock “The Fearless Man” also said that he can not see the next season coming. Marvel Studios is focusing more on new, innovative,  and fresh projects. It includes shows like The Falcon, The Winter Soldier, and Wanda Vision.

Is there any chance to see Daredevil again?

Hopefully, the comic relating to Daredevil will be out soon in which the story will continue from where it ends in the series. Also, Marvel Studios may have a plan to include the Daredevil character in some other ventures. But all Daredevil fans will have to wait for any future announcements. Till then, you can watch “Daredevil” Season 1,2, and 3 only on Netflix.

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