Trailer Park Boys Season 2 When we can expect the animated series

When we can expect the animated series Trailer Park Boys Season 2

The story:

The cartoon animated series created by Mike Clattenburg ‘Trailer Park Boys’ is about to return on Netflix with new episodes. This series was first started as a movie in 1999 with the same title. In the story, we could see a group of friends and their misadventures in a trailer park, in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Then, the series ran for 12 more seasons, but unfortunately, one of the actors John Dunsworth passed away during the shooting of season 12. Then the animated series was started with the continuation to the previous season

 The animated series Trailer Park Boys takes our favorite characters from the live-action version of the series and put them into the entertaining cartoon world at the end of the last live-series. Their roles are explained in the show as the group tripping on mushrooms, watching their whole world seemingly transform into the animated world. Then the story goes as fun when they start going on a mission to save a mountain lion friend and facing a rampaging bike gang.

It would be a lot of fun for Trailer Park Boys series’s fans as they waited for a really long time. But, still, some are waiting for the return of the live-action version sooner.

When the animated series is going on-air?

The animated series will return on Netflix with it’s the latest episode on May 22, 2020. If you are a die-hard fan of live-series and want it to return, then keep the animated series popular by watching it more. It may help with the live series to return.

Also, you can watch the first eleven seasons of live- series anytime on Netflix. We have got this information from Trailer Park Boys Twitter.

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