Toy Story 5: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

In 1995, “Toy Story” was the world’s first computer-animated feature movie, creating history. Three more installments followed, along with shorts, computer games, a TV series, and a spinoff titled “Lightyear.” It seemed like the end when Woody and Buzz left in “Toy Story 4,” but there’s currently a new episode on the way dubbed “Toy Story 5.”

In “Toy Story 4,” Woody and Buzz had a falling out and parted ways. Buzz continued to be Bonnie’s toy and was having a happy life with the rest of Bonnie’s toys, while Woody had a new home with Bo Peep as a lost toy. There will be new experiences for some of the toys in “Toy Story 5,” even if it will be a while before the film is released.

A fifth “Toy Story” movie is in the works. It proves that the series is here to stay, much like Barbies, T-Rex, and the Power Rangers. What, however, do we understand regarding this brand-new film? If the original actors don’t come back, what is going to occur to the characters? What we do know about “Toy Story 5” is worth investigating.

Toy Story 5 Release Date

Fans of “Toy Story” will be pleased to hear this. The fifth episode was given the go-ahead and is now in production, as announced by returning Disney CEO Bob Iger on February 8th, 2023. After firing previous CEO Bob Chapek for disastrous actions made during the epidemic, this move seemed to be damage control.

Tim Allen, one of the film’s stars, has also stated that work on Toy Story 5 began much before the film’s February 2023 announcement. Fans’ reactions to the news have been divided. The decision has been met with mixed reactions, with some fans pleased and others arguing that it wasn’t necessary because the characters were given a resolution in Part 4.

A sequel to one of Disney’s highest-grossing pictures (nearly $3 billion based on The Numbers) is a no-brainer, especially in light of whatever losses the company may have incurred during the epidemic. There is anticipation for the plot of the fifth installment regardless of the budgetary considerations. Fans won’t be able to see the film until at least 2028 if the release date for the first installment is any indication.

About Toy Story Film Series

Disney owns the rights to the Toy Story franchise in the United States. It revolves around children’s playthings that, unbeknownst to humans, are really intelligent beings. The varied ensemble of toys, including a traditional cowboy doll called Sheriff Woody and a cutting-edge spaceman action figure named Buzz Lightyear, were the centerpiece of a 1995 animated feature film of the same name.

There are now five films in the Toy Story series, all of which are computer-animated: Toy Story (1995), Toy Story 2 (1999), Toy Story 3 (2010), Toy Story 4 (2019), and the spin-off prequel film inside a film, Lightyear (2022). The fifth movie in the series has just been revealed. It also contains the 2D-animated direct-to-video spin-off film Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins (2000) and the animated television series Buzz Lightyear of Star Command (2000-01), which followed the film.

Toy Story 5 Cast

Tim Allen has all but confirmed his return as Buzz based on his recent statements, so it seems safe to assume that the remainder of the original ensemble, including Tom Hanks, will also be coming back for another round.

Despite the fact that Chris Evans played Buzz Lightyear in his own film, it seems like Pixar will return for the third Toy Story. We’ve always believed the voice actors for these toys were part of their legendary status, so we’d love to hear Joan Cusack and John Ratzenberger back in their roles.

The executives at Pixar aren’t beyond using celebrity voices here and there; in the past, we’ve heard cameos from the likes of Kelsey Grammer, Michael Keaton, and Keanu Reeves. As the cast list develops, we anticipate the addition of a few notable names.

A possible Toy Story 3 cast includes:

  • Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear
  • Tom Hanks as Woody
  • Annie Potts as Bo Peep
  • Tony Hale as Forky
  • Joan Cusack as Jessie
  • Blake Calrk as Slinky Dog
  • John Ratzenberger as Hamm

Toy Story 5 Plot

The toys finally had a happy ending in Toy Story 4, when they moved on without Andy to live with Bonnie. There’s potential for a fresh journey with the rest of Buzz and Bonnie’s toys in Toy Story 5. Woody may make a quick visit in a cameo role, asking his counsel, without ruining their initial farewell.

The film may also have parallel narrative threads. The film might be split into two parts, with one focusing on Bonnie’s toys and their adventures and the other following Woody and his group of lost toys as they go on their own voyage. One of the filmmakers, Docter, has promised that Toy Story 5 would introduce new and exciting aspects to the franchise.

Speaking to TheWrap, Docter stated, “I believe [‘Toy Story 5’ will] be shocking. It’s filled with amazing, unique items that you won’t find anywhere else. The producers seem to be keeping the plot of the fifth chapter under wraps, making us eager to find out what adventures and surprises await our favorite toys.

Toy Story 5 Trailer

No trailer for Toy Story 5 has been released as of yet, and despite being in the works for almost a year, the film is likely still many years away from its scheduled release. Toy Story 5 won’t have a trailer for years, but we can expect more and more information about the film as production progresses.

Where to watch Toy Story 5?

Due to the massive success of the Toy Story series, we have little doubt that the fifth installment will be released in theaters. After that, home theater enthusiasts should look for the picture on Disney Plus in the months after the film’s first release, but don’t hold your breath. If you can’t wait, however, you can always check out the newest additions to Disney Plus.


Fans were overjoyed to hear that Toy Story 5 would continue to highlight Woody and Buzz’s relationship and take them on a new journey when it was announced that they would be working together again.

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