Tower of God arrives in Italy in June, Star Comics shows the Variant Cover of Volume 1

Volume 1 of Tower of God will soon arrive in Italy, and on the occasion of the Star Days 2021 the publishing house has unveiled the first variant cover of the work, signed by Giacomo Bevilacqua. The special version with double dust jacket will be available for all those who have booked the Volume by 6 April, and stars Baam and Rachel.

Below you can take a look at the Variant Cover by Bevilacqua, the appreciated author of Attica and of Panda likes it, in which Twenty-fifth Baam is portrayed holding the “Black March” Needle with Rachel. The alternative cover is not the only surprise expected for those who have booked the comic, seen the lucky ones will also get a sketch.

We remind you that Tower of God is a Webtoon written by the South Korean author SIU, currently being serialized on the homonymous site with about 500 chapters published. Last summer Crunchyroll made an anime adaptation consisting of 12 episodes, in which 78 were transposed. The first Volume arriving in Italy in June will contain the first 11 chapters, and will consist of 288 pages.

And what do you think of this Variant Cover? You like it? Let us know with a comment! For other Star Comics news you can take a look at Solo Leveling, out on April 21st.

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