Top 10 Canadian Cartoons You Need To Know Right Now

Canadians have produced exceptional cartoon series, often overlooked next to the American and Japanese counterparts. But, anyone that’s experienced these cartoons will tell you that they remain beloved by viewers of all ages. Even though the original run has passed, many series continue to make a memorable impression for today’s audiences.

From the 1980s to the early 1990s, a legal ruling was made in Canada to create a set proportion of domestically produced programming for broadcast on Canadian TV. This brought forth a huge range of diverse content spanning from goofy sitcoms to spellbinding action-packed escapades. So, if you’re after some entertainment then here is a compilation of the top 10 most enthralling cartoons produced in Canada that are sure to keep you busy.

Beast Wars: Transformers

This was a beloved entry in the acclaimed Transformers franchise. Based hundreds of years after the original stories, this iteration featured the descendants of the Autobots and Decepticons as they clashed for legacy. With captivating story-telling, an all-star cast of Canadian voice actors, such as David Kaye and Scott McNeil, and nods to the renowned G1 series, Beast Wars cemented itself as one of the best editions of this classic series.


In 2004, 6teen burst onto Canadian screens and quickly stole the hearts of its viewers. The show followed a group of six Canadian teens who spent their days hanging out at the mall. Over its 93 thrilling episodes and six-year run, 6teen earned a dedicated fan base, which is no surprise given its captivating characters – Jude, Nikki, Jonesy, Jen, Wyatt and Caitlin.

Jimmy Two-Shoes

Constructed against a bleak backdrop, Jimmy Two-Shoes follows the journey of Jimmy, a jubilant young character who refuses to let the gloomy vices of Miseryville hold him back. This 2009 series offers up an invigorating blend of witty dialogue and colorful characters, creating a cheerful atmosphere that is reminiscent of The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. Despite the dreariness of his environment, Jimmy Two-Shoes celebrates his whimsical resilience and ability to remain positive.

The Raccoons

The Raccoons, a beloved Canadian made cartoon show of the 80s and 90s, was broadcasted across the world and brought to life a delightful trio of raccoons – Bert, Melissa and Ralph – as they tried to outwit their nemesis Cyril Sneer. Not only was it adventurous, but also delivered subtle lessons while captivating viewers with its eye-catching animations.

Nevertheless, even with some repetitiveness and varying response to the introduction of additional characters, the series lives on in the hearts of those who grew up watching it.

Stickin’ Around

Stickin’ Around is a beloved Canadian television show that draws young viewers to the screen with its humor, relatable characters, sound values, and plenty of imagination. While some episodes may raise an eyebrow or two (e.g. “Bottochino”), pre-teens find the silliness of the show amusing and take delight in its wit.


Todd is in for a wild ride as he encounters the bizarre events and characters of Wayside Elementary School. Unfamiliar with this strange environment, Todd must find his place between the school’s eccentricities – no easy feat for him. Based on Louis Sachar’s Wayside School collection, this story sees how Todd navigates his new world.

Wayside stands apart from the rest with its distinctive and unparalleled atmosphere, boasting a towering 30 story school and features that many consider peculiar, like a campground. Its whimsical energy entices viewers of all ages to connect with its zany characters and odd setting.

Jim Henson’s Dog City

Nelvana Studios and Jim Henson’s Puppetry joined forces to produce an unforgettable crime series, Dog City. This unique blend of traditional animation and puppetry created captivating visuals which still hold up today. With its engaging dialogue and endearing interactions between characters, this 1992 movie-special-turned-series ran from 1992 to 1995. To this day, it remains an iconic example of creativity and wit.

The partnership between Henson and Canada has been a bit spotty but consistently produces high quality cartoons that will surely leave you howling with laughter.

Ed, Edd, n Eddy

It was 1999 when the famous cartoon about three ambitious chums with similar monikers, Ed, Edd, and Eddy, first aired on both Canadian and US television. Their goal? To combine elements of traditional cartoon-style humor, slapstick, and silly banter.

Five seasons, a few specials, and a TV movie later, Ed, Edd, and Eddy remains a fan-favorite. Even after all of these years, this comedy show still retains its charm and fan-base.

Clone High

The turn of the century saw the rise of Clone High, which had a strong cult following due to its wildly humorous representation of historical figure clones in a high school setting.

Though it was commended for its unique casting choices that included Gandhi and JFK, Clone High also stirred controversy over its humorous take on Gandhi’s office, resulting in organized protests and the cancellation of the show from prime-time American networks.

Atomic Betty

Originating in Canada, 2004 saw the premier of ‘Atomic Betty’ broadcasted on Teletoon.

Betty, a young girl residing in the vibrant city of Moose Jaw, follows a usual routine of classes and daydreams like many other teens. But what sets her apart is her secret identity as an interstellar justice seeker.

Atomic Betty serves up a unique and entertaining blend of sci-fi comedy for the whole family. Filled with over-the-top shenanigans and a dash of genuine heart, this show remains a beloved favorite for its three-season run, spanning a total of 78 episodes.


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