Today’s Webtoon Season 1 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Today’s Webtoon Season 1 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Then you are among the thousands of individuals who are also awaiting it. This webcomic is an incredible Korean drama series. Everyone is merely awaiting its release on screens. However, LatestSeries has your back.

South Korea is the country for origin for this program. Adamas are originally created in Korean.

On July 29, 2022, the debut season of Today’s Webtoon will be released. The filming locations are located in South Korea.

The program is created by SBS. It was formerly known as Oneului Webtoon. There are several twelve episodes scheduled for Season 1 of Today’s Webtoon.

We are confident that they will be remarkable. You can locate the teaser by searching for “Today’s Webtoon Teaser”

That you are here, however, indicates that you are familiar with the trailer, which has prompted you to question whether the first season of the show will be produced.

Soon-to-be-aired South Korean drama series is the subject of today’s Webtoon. Fans are ecstatic about Kim Sejeong’s newest Korean dramas.

The protagonist of today’s webcomic is a woman who has lately joined a webcomic editorial department.

This series will feature a mixture of comedy as well as drama, depicting the woman’s daily struggles to deal with her job.

Today’s webcomic focuses on how she copes with having to give up her athletic career due to an injury.

The first season of a manga is currently ongoing, and a lot of the series’ fans are eagerly awaiting the premiere of the second season.

I assume you are intrigued about the premiere date in the second season of Today’s webcomic if you are reading this.

We provide comprehensive details on Today’s Webtoon’s second season. If you are seeking specifics, please peruse this article.

In addition, please provide feedback if you found this post useful. We greatly value your feedback. It is challenging for her and her colleagues to develop into mature webtoon editors.

Kim Sejeong will play On Ma Eum, a former judo competitor who enters the editorial department of a webtoon as a new employee and fights to mature into a genuine editor.

Today’s Webtoon Season 1 Release Date

The release date will be July 29, 2022, as previously communicated. The program will be released gradually.

We believe that two episodes every week would be an appropriate release rate for this program. However, it is already evident that this performance will shatter numerous benchmarks.

The cast has star-studded, the plot is convoluted and flawless, and the creators for this show have previously produced a wonderful show.

People are going insane due to the lengthy wait, which is completely understandable. Soon, we will be able to view Season 1 of Today’s Webtoon.

Today’s Webtoon Season 1 Cast

  • Kim Se-Jeong as On Ma-Eum
  • Daniel Choi as Seok Ji-Hyung
  • Nam Yoon-Soo as Ku Joon-Young
  • Park Ho-Sam as Jang Man-Cheol
  • Yang Hyun-Min as Kwon Young-Bae
  • Kang Rae-Yeon as Ki Yoo-Mi
  • Ahn Tae-Hwan as Choi Du Hee
  • Kim Kap-Soo as Baek Eo-Jin
  • Kim Do-Hoon as Shin Dae-Ryuk
  • Jeon Hye-Yeon as Gu Seul-A
  • Ga Jul-Ri as Bbom-Meu
  • Lim Chul-Soo as Na Gang-Nam
  • Baek Suk-Kwang as Im Dong-Hee
  • Son Dong-Woon as Oh Yoon
  • Jang Sung-Yoon as Lee Woo-Jin

Today’s Webtoon Season 1 Trailer

Today’s Webtoon Season 1 Plot

The show’s storyline has been disclosed. It is also a very intriguing one. The narrative is about a woman who, shortly after entering the webtoon editorial department, contends with her colleagues to become a genuine webtoon editor.

She is known as On Ma-Eum. She made it into the webcomic editorial department despite all obstacles, and she is a powerful woman.

She has a strong sense of scent and a voracious appetite. Additionally, she was a former member of the US judo national team.

An tragic accident during a match tore Ma-Eum’s ankle ligament, forcing her to give up her athletic career, but she begins to dream again when she delivers food to the webtoon editing department.

Her entire existence revolved within the sport, but this injury terminated her judo career. She then began her career in the editorial department of a webcomic.

Obviously, she has difficulty transitioning to her position as a webcomic editor. In this transition, the new employees were not particularly supportive.

Ma-Eum develops as someone and as a webcomic editor as a result of the challenges and adversities she encounters. This is the straightforward archetype of Season 1 of Today’s Webtoon.

The first season of the South Korean drama series Today’s Webtoon will premiere in 2022. This is one in the most anticipated 2022 series releases.

The protagonist of today’s webcomic is On Ma Eum, a new employee in a webcomic editorial department.

Eum and her colleagues strive to be the ideal editors of webcomics. Although she is also experiencing agony and regret over abandoning her athletic career due to a torn ankle ligament, she is forced to give up her career.

When she delivers food to the webtoon editing department, she is offered the position of editor, which Eum finds to be an enjoyable employment.

Nonetheless, contrary to appearances, nothing is as it seems. In the series, On Ma Eum will struggle to develop into a webtoon editor.

When she became a member on the National Judo Team, Ma Eum’s entire existence focused around the sport.

When a rigorous match leaves her using a ruptured ankle ligament, however, she is forced to observe as her aspirations to remain in the sport disintegrate.

Ma Eum must now find a means to lift herself up and go on, because her career as a professional judoka has terminated. Ma Eum is uncertain about what to do next due to her lack of ambition.

When Ma Eum begins the first she made non-sports-related employment in a webtoon editorial department, she has difficulty transitioning.

Ma Eum has trouble blending in with her colleagues due to the fact that her life as an athlete has provided her with hard edges and she can’t relate to them.

Beyond that, she is not acclimated to the task she has been assigned. As she struggles to acclimate to her new existence, Ma Eum wonders if she will ever find contentment again.


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