Tidelands season 2: has Netflix cancelled or renewed?

Tidelands season 2: has Netflix canceled or renewed?

Before getting started, let’s recap season 1 of Tidelands which found its releasing date in December 14th, 2018. The series has shown that the former criminal comes back home for not finding all is not well and that the inhabitants are half- siren and half-human.

tidelands netflix cancelled renewed
Tidelands Netflix canceled renewed

Now regarding the second season, there are numbers of rumors going on regarding its canceled or renewed thing. Although, the decision of replacing the show is many months process. Tidelands are still going on with that process; that is why it is not getting confirm that this show is going to be aired or not.

On the other hand, there is news about Netflix that it has doubled down on its Australian output. It has even opened up a new Australian hub for assisting with new content. Since the official twitter account of tideland went dark at the end of January 2019. It is also confusing fans about its releasing news. So tideland is not able to update them with its report.

Similarly, facebook account is also not updating with the news as there is no confirmation about its official cancelation or renewal, so it is keeping its audience in the dark. However, many fans are posting regularly on social media. But they are not getting any response them, and it seems until and unless the show gets a green signal from the Netflix.

It is not going to speak up anything. It also means that the show might not get the red signal, the conversation must be going on, and that is why both the parties have taken up the silence. Fans will have to assume that there are fifty-fifty chances. The production studio of Tidelands: Hoodlum entertainment is also not giving any response in any question.

They have also kept their mouth shut, and these conduct are concluding the guessing with this that there is even some chance of getting it renewal. But fans will also have to set their minds that this show might not be there on the Netflix. Whatever may come, fans will have to be happy because there is no such option. There is the number of series getting published on Netflix, so this might be blocking space for Tideland. But there is even possibility of getting this show launched in another year whenever it finds the time. Or may it will never reach its way! Whatever announcement will be made Tideland has made its own space.

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