This is everything we would like to see among the news of the new operating systems

The WWDC already has a date and the few things we know about the inaugural Keynote of the same will be that we will see the new versions of the operating systems that give life to our devices. It is rare that we see software leaks, as its development within Apple Park makes it easier to avoid leaks. Even so, we have a long wish list of news that we want to see.

From small details to deep changes

Before starting, clarify that this article is a list and reflection of the news that we would like to see in operating systems. We neither have information of any kind nor do we rely on any rumor or leakWe simply imagine novelties within what we consider possible and logical.

Let’s start with the iPad. The new iPadOS 15 may bring some very interesting news. One of them is the Arrival of the App Library to the Applications screen, as well as the possibility of placing widgets between the apps on our home screen. Another interesting novelty could be the arrival of an option for external screens in “extended screen” mode.

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The iPad could benefit from the arrival of certain applications, from the iPhone we could see the arrival of the Weather app and, although at this point it seems unlikely, the Calculator. From the Mac Preview could come with the ability to edit PDF documents in a more versatile way than what we can currently do in the Files app.

Entering the realm of the iPhone, but without leaving the iPad, there are several changes in iOS / iPadOS that could be interesting. One of them is the possibility of save certain emoji as favorites, although it is true that the “recently used” section almost fulfills this function.

The keychain could win the support for two-factor authentication codes and also allow us to jot down more than just passwords. The same credit cards that we save in the Safari settings for autofill could well be gathered in a single section along with software licenses, identity documents, etc. A section that would inherit much of what 1Password currently offers.

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In it Apple Watch the Home app could get a nice redesign. Without relying on Siri, looking for the exact light we want to turn on by turning the digital crown within a long list is an experience with room for improvement. Another interesting novelty would be the arrival of the Notes app, although it was as a read-only option, being able to consult certain texts from the wrist would have more than one interesting use case.

The Apple Watch would also benefit from the arrival of the app Salud, an app that could also appear on the iPad and on the Mac to be able to consult our data and metrics from any device.

In the Mac there is a wish that stands out above the rest: the arrival of the app Shortcuts. An app that would simplify the Automator experience, although it would not replace it, and would synchronize workflows with our other devices. Screen sharing options via FaceTime would make a lot of sense on the Mac, and indeed on the iPad as well.

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As for specific apps or services, we could talk about more sorting options and smart lists for the Reminders app. Thinking for example in power assign homework for next week, for “someday” or other options, in the style of tools like Todoist, for example.

In iMessage the possibility to delete sent messages and control the playback of audio messages would be, without a doubt, welcome news. New features that could accompany the ability to schedule the sending of emails in the Mail app or the option to eliminate imperfections in the Photos app from the iPhone or iPad. The Books app would benefit from a redesign and reorganization to more closely match the sidebar system we’ve been seeing since iPadOS 14.

Apple announces WWDC21 dates, all set for June 7

The complete list of news that we can or want to see in operating systems could give for a series of articles. Here we have wanted to collect those that we consider most important, even if it is a very personal topic. What is clear is that Apple can surprise us from almost any direction.

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