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The youngest son of Gloria Trevi is equal to her and is a heartthrob

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Gloria Trevi, whose full name is Gloria de los Ángeles Treviño Ruiz, and is originally from Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico, has managed to make a family next to her husband Armando. She is the mother of two children: Ángel Gabriel and Miguel Armando.

Gloria Trevi is very jealous and has almost always tried to keep the privacy of her children, but from time to date she proudly boasts them on social networks.

Ángel Gabriel, his eldest son, is already 17 years old. He started his career as a singer a few months ago, making himself known with the subject If I find you alone.

Miguel Armando, his youngest son, is 14 years old and specifically calls attention because he is very physically similar to Gloria, his famous mother, and like his brother, is already a heartthrob.

In recent days, Trevi and her children appeared on the cover of Caras magazine and in an interview she talks about what it has meant in her life to have become a mother.

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Gloria followers comment on networks that their children Ángel Gabriel and Miguel Armando have surely not only inherited from her the taste for music, but also her great physical resemblance, and more the second.

Miguel Armando likes sports a lot and so far he has not shown that he wants to follow his mother's footsteps in the world of music, although he has a very good musical ear, as Trevi has said in several interviews.

What is certain is that what Miguel Armando and his brother Angel Gabriel are dedicated to, they will surely shine as much or more than the woman who gave them life.


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